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  1. To load a tmx map in SFML which way will be flexible and optimal , use sfml maploader to load the map (http://sourceforge.net/projects/tiledsfmlloader/)  or use tmx parser and then load it into SFML . i m using isometric view . if tmx parser is suitable in my case , let me know how to load them into game ?
  2. dineshswamy

    strategy game with map and charaters in sfml ?

    oh thank you ....  i guess you are using ARCH LINUX ... dont you ? cause i m a archian too..
  3. is it possible to build a game , that ll look like AGE OF EMPIRES with characters and map , in SFML ? i m starting from scratch ,  map is ready .  i want certain characters in the game to be bots . am i on the right way ? or should i hack an existing SFML game , and rebuild the game logic ? if anything is there let me know ?
  4. dineshswamy

    How to insert tiledmap from mapeditor into SFML

    Thanks ... hope that solves my need . is there any other alternative to sfml , for rapid prototyping and higher flexibility ?
  5. How to import the tmx file generated by MAPEDITOR into the SFML application ?
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