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  1. I would go Google the new Boston (sorry I don't have the link at the moment) the tutorials start from very very begging and is easy to understand. The site also has courses set up too,with projects and etc. It was sooooo helpful
  2. I would advise going to a lot of good tutorials
  3. udk and blender excercises

    Thanks! It helped out with some level design stuff AMD flow of my levels
  4. udk and blender excercises

    Im currently studying to be an environmental artist and level designer. Is there any daily or weekly exercises that will improve my techniques
  5. Iv started tutorials and studies on game testing and now I'm starting to get used to blender and UDK interface. I plan on taking these three subjects professionally. I'm stressing about when I should have started and how to get a mentor or teacher and/or noticed in the industry