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  1.   Ah, now I get it. I realized what happens here. Even though the hitbox's size is bigger than the tilesize, it checks each side correctly, but it never checks the middle of the hitbox while moving, that's why it gets inside the tiles. It also occurs because, as you said, it checks just one cell at a time: Ok then, I guess I should try to do what you said: inserting objects into multiple cells. I have to make some little changes in my code, but I guess it may work. Thank you very much. If I succeed with that I'll tell you 
  2. Oh, I see. That's actually what I'm doing here. But it seems that's a normal issue. I found out that there's no solution for that. According to Metanet Software:   So I guess the best option I've got is using multiple hitboxes for each character object.
  3. Hello guys. I've been trying to make a sidescroller game. I tried a lot of different kinds of collision methods, but then I found out that a tile based system would be enough for me.   I'm using Tonypa tutorials. They're in Flash, so I have to change a lot of things. I'm currently using 32x32 tiles in my game. The collisions just work fine, but if the character's hitbox is bigger than 32x32, all my code seems useless. The character's hitbox gets inside tiles when moving/jumping. I have no idea how to fix that.   I guess this may be a common issue regarding sidescrollers since a lot of them uses tilemaps. I attached my current project. I'm using Ruby for now, but I intend to write everything in C++ if I can get everything working just fine. Thanks in advance.