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  1. Crit My Soundtrack In Progress

    This song is... GORGEOUS! https://soundcloud.com/calumbowen/super-ubi-land-bonus-boogie
  2. Got Soundcloud?

    Your music is amazing. Following you all.
  3. Got Soundcloud?

    And here is mine! https://soundcloud.com/dumativa
  4. Global Game Jam 2013

    THX! It was my first try. I am doing the soundtrack of the dragonfestival game.   dragonfestival.duamtiva.com.br   But it still on devlopment... it is a bit chalenging... Chinese songs is very very complicated for what i am used to hear.
  5. Global Game Jam 2013

    I am from Brazil, i was at the Dumativa (Rio de Janeiro) game site. I made this soundtrack during the Jam:   https://soundcloud.com/dumativa/sets/beating-memory-ost