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  1. Daltrey Waters

    Grammar for Game Designers

    Hey everyone, I've made a video that analysis how one can leverage grammar to help them design a game. Topics include verb-noun description of games, as well as verb-noun graphs. In the video I compare games such as The Incredible Machine, Defense of the Ancients 2, Okami, Mario 64 and Final Fantasy 13 from that pretext.   Overall discussion topics from the video are: How do verbs and nouns relate to game design? How can we leverage these concepts to help us understand a games replayability? Looking forward to your feedback =) Cheers
  2. Daltrey Waters

    The Prison of Gaming Terms

    Hello everyone, On this video I look at how gaming terms can influence how one thinks about games & their design. I use the game Enslaved Odyssey to the West as a case study for that.   If you're interested, check it out here -    I look forward to getting your feedback! Cheers
  3. Daltrey Waters

    The Paradox of Tutorials

    Hey everyone, I've made a new game design analysis video. This time I focused on tutorials and how they can conflict with a players expectations and the characters lore. I looked into games such as Dishonored, Dragon Age Inquisition, Gears of War and Spec Ops the Line and compared how they addressed those problems. Let me know what you think!
  4. Hey everyone, I made a new game design analysis video. This time I look at how computer memory affected level design in games such as Megaman, Mario, Resident Evil and God of War.    Link is -    Let me know what you think!   Cheers 
  5. Hey everyone, I've produced a new game design analysis video which I'd love to hear your feedback on.   It's a video analysis of Dishonored and The Last of Us, discussing the subject of coherence in game design.   Feel free to check it out here -   Thanks!
  6. Daltrey Waters

    The Rosebud Condominium

    Great feedback Waterlimon! One question, regarding your second bullet point. When you said the scrollign needs to be faster, did you mean when using the mouse wheel or when hovering with the mouse over the bottom and top edges of the screen?
  7. Daltrey Waters

    The Rosebud Condominium

    General feedback I got is that HTML5 on Firefox isn't ideal yet. I tried myself and the game takes ages to load (as opposed to seconds on Chrome and IE). I haven't tried on old IE yet, but feel free to give it a shot and let me know of your experience =)
  8. Daltrey Waters

    The Rosebud Condominium

    Hey folks, I made this indie game with a few friends to test some game design ideas. It would be great to get your feedback Note - game is best played on Chrome, IE or Safari.   www.versus-software.com/rosebud     Cheers!  
  9. Hello everyone,   I've did a game design analysis video of Mario 64, Mario 3 and other games on their invisible design patterns. Looking forward to seeing your feedback.     Cheers
  10. Daltrey Waters

    Angry Birds Game Design Analysis Video

    Thanks for the input everyone. I'll try to add your feedback into my next video project.
  11. Hello everyone,   I've made a game design analysis video for Angry Birds, where I analyse its simplicity in design. You can watch the video here --     Feel free to provide comments and feedback Thanks!
  12. Daltrey Waters

    Mario Gameplay Analysis Video

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, I must say i'm quite overwhelmed by the positive responses =) I wasn't thinking of doing a new video so soon, but I guess you guys are convincing me otherwise. I'll start seeing what I can do.   Thanks again!
  13. Daltrey Waters

    Mario Gameplay Analysis Video

    Hello everyone, first post here.   I've been working on my spare time after work on making a Mario 1, 3 and World game play analysis video. In it I examine several gameplay elements and explain how they impact the user experience.   Comments, criticisms and feedback is welcome! =)       Thanks
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