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    I'm building my own Universe. Do you have one ?

    Nice !. Got much you can share or all underwraps atm ?
  2. Hello GameDevers A few years ago me and a group of friends began building a prototype for a tabletop game. I was leading the concept, character, universe and fiction design. Unfortunately the project fell through but I never stopped thinking about the world I started to create. The main point of this thread was to ask whether any of you are doing the same thing ? Building an Encyclopedia on a universe that goes far beyond the game you made it for ? If you have something awesome and want to share then Ill be happy to explore your dream ! Below is a tiny bit about mine. Some stuff is censored, NOT because I think it'll be stolen but because it is still in its infantile stages. Planes of Origin. - Sci-fi / Fantasy, Inspired by Disc-World Planes of Origin's galaxy is constructed of fragmented ring worlds revolving around a core that provides light. The rings lay parallel creating the day/night cycles as they caste shadows onto one another. These segments previously were part of complete rings that rotated and spun around the core, in a forgotten age when the rings served a forgotten purpose. I have mapped out 100,000's years worth of events leading the Planes to their current state. Not to mention the different perspectives/events and religious ideas that each race has about the ring's origins and purposes. *This may sound familiar to anyone who read my post about  voice acting. I wrote and acted a fake teaser trailer for this universe - click here.     Races -   Each of the 9 segments are home to unique and complex races, all of which have detailed and compelling history's. With this universe first being intended for tabletop game I made it my goal to rebuild the stereo types of 'fantasy races' and try blending things together to freshen up the genre. there are no orcs !   I find that a lot of sci-fi type universe have one united race of hero's fighting of the bigger evil, but just like our own world I wanted to create a place more realistic and full of infighting. There are no good races here, just some good people. The man-type race in the universe refer to themselves as Kenun, Living on the Ring Segment "Ketekenun" You could describe the Kenun as World-mongers and consumers. The Kenun's are like a post WW1 society tinkering with technology far beyond anything we have today. Civilians living on Ketekenun's surface mostly live in fear as a corrupt government employees crime syndicates to harvest the streets for people, people to be refined into fuel for their Ectoplasm powered city's and military hardware.       On the opisite side of the Kenun's ring sector lives various species of beast-men type races. The placid yet powerfull Sahsi, monks of the hills, land and forests. The Sahsi are talented in the arts of elemental manipulation, a power gifted to them by another race in a complex series of events that brought about the end and beginning of multiple species.   I wont detail all 9 races but I have documented 100's of years worth of political, evolutionary and religious events that intertwine with each other.       World Mechanics - Among the history and fiction I also had to work out the mechanics and science behind some of the universes characteristics. But lets not forget this is FANTASY so I am not trying to justify any of the physics !. Dotted evenly across the segments are towering spires that pierce the sky. These spires allow for travel around rings and between other rings sectors. In order for Races to utilize these, they must have the ability to achieve flight as the docking nest sits at the peak of a 1000m+ tower. Each race developed around the spires and studied them leaving the origins and beliefs about the universe completely open to perspective. One thing the spires have done to unite the races though is the introduction of a numeric system that is consistent with most the sentient life. Most of the races derived their numeric systems from the engravings on the spires.   SO that concludes a slither of a preview of my universe. Hopefully sometime in the future I can figure out what to use it for ! I am no game developer so I imagine I may be giving this to someone to help me share it with the world. Adios !
  3. Zac Andrews

    Voice over freebies !

    Thank you, nesseggman !. Yeah I will use that 3rd clip as the leading example next time, but I only made that a few hours ago while I was thinking up quotes at work :P You can get some recording gear for about $300 to practice these days , I do have the advantage of being a metal singer haha, hence the demon voices.
  4. Zac Andrews

    Voice over freebies !

    Updating with a 3rd voice clip if anyone is interested ! https://soundcloud.com/zac-andrews-voice-actor/voices-demo-1
  5. Zac Andrews

    Voice over freebies !

    Hello Developers. I have always been really really interested in voice acting and I want to make myself available to you developers (free*) so I can build up some experience and practice. Below you can find links to two demos. 1. A mock script I wrote for a fake teaser trailer.   This is just one of many voices I can do, so if you want me to try something different don't hesitate to ask. https://soundcloud.com/zac-andrews-voice-actor/mock-teaser-trailer-voice 2 has been deleted     3.  https://soundcloud.c...r/voices-demo-1         Although I say free. Id prefer you to have your game well on the way before I do anything, so proving that would be reassuring for me.   To contact me - zacwandrews@gmail.com I hope some of you like what you hear and have some use for it ! If you don't have use for it, feed back is also encouraged   Thanks, Zac
  6. Thank you for great feed back and opinions everyone. I really want to write and create, my initial thought was video games would be the most logical medium for my ideas. But considering the structure of the industry and my personal limitations I think I may have to start on a different outlet and maybe in the future work up to writing for games.
  7. Excellent !, I can see ever so slightly better :p   Living in a small town 400ks from a major city and 3400ks from any Australian area with gaming studios. Writing for games seems pretty damn tough from where I am sitting ! haha. I suppose they avoid they online community's for potential authors when it is so greatly over saturated :( Thank you for the feedback !
  8. Hello all. I have been reading through this site (and others) for the last couple days and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on a few questions I have about writing for a games. Sorry if these are something I should've figured on my own or read elsewhere, couldn't hurt to ask ! The questions are in bold with some elaborating underneath.   Any help would be appreciated !   -Is it okay to write a story that is partially told through the game design ? One of the first guide lines I came across regarding writing a story for a game was that it is NOT game design. A writer should be a writer for the story and script and not trying to design the games functionality. I find this a very challenging thing to avoid though. I feel as I am sure most of you do that the games mechanics have a huge impact on telling the story and I often find myself thinking "for this scene to have the most impact the game must have 'this mechanic' or 'this visual ascetic'. So as the question states - Is it okay to build your story with a certain end product in mind ? -How do you present a story to a development team and do they need it ? I have found a lot of the tips on pitching and presenting to be regarding the entire game as a whole, presented from development team to a potential publisher. This indicates to me that they already have everything in the game ready to go as well as the story itself, Dev teams, artists, programmers, overview of mechanics and business plans etc. My question is do Dev teams need writers on a regular basis ? As I would imagine that is the Director that has the vision for the game even if he needs a writer to spit-shine his story, Do they want/need writers pitching their own ideas ? That brings me to the second part of that question. How to pitch to a studio? Like I said above, when the studio pitches to their/potential publisher they already have a lot more than just the story in the works. Does a writer pitch a story to a studio and also explain the intended game feel/design that supports the story's style and feel OR does the writer simply provide the events as a novel type format and the studio builds a game using elements of the story ?      
  9. Zac Andrews

    Mystery Adventure Idea. Feedback welcome

    Wow appologies for the awefully spelt intro there. I guess I was going for something inbetween Prospective player and Internal use. If I was pitching to just the player it would be or less just like the synopsis but shorter as you suggested.
  10. Hello GameDev community. Below is a short summery of a game concept that I really would appreciate some feedback on. My first question is however is "how do you explain in detail a mystery story without revealing criciul elements ?"   I dont have a history with writing storys but as a vocalist for 2 bands I find myself writing vast fictional storys with in my songs and I thought it was time to expand that drive into my most loved outlet - games. This story is very personal to me as the Protagonist in this story is a mirror to me. "10 Seconds Down " is a direct exploration of  where I live, how I live, how I think, the problems I face and the problems I create. Have a read through and please share all thoughts, critisim and suggestions. Much appreciated   Thanks all, Zac Andrews   10 Seconds Down  - 3rd Person Mystery Adventure/Horror Synopsis- When David, an average young man of today finds his town completely abandoned he unknowingly sets out on a journey that challenges his deepest fears. The people he once knew so well begin to fixate on David’s weaknesses and his darkest dreams are all coming to life in the form of monstrous creatures. Davids memories of the past come flooding back as the world around him twists and taunts him, all at the hands of a mysterious figure named  “Anem”. Join David as he tries to uncover the truth behind the strange occurrences within his life and hometown while the world around him closes in, presenting obstacles of unimaginable horror. Settings/world- David lives in the small town on the South-West coast of Australia, isolated at the bottom of the world. As the David progresses through the story the settings in the world begin to reflect his past and merge together as if time and space where no obstacle. Places and people pulled from his memories lie behind every door as the world shifts and distorts, taunting him with a barrage of  monstrous creatures that are direct embodiments of his fears, regrets and former enemies. As time moves forward the settings in the world begin to drift apart, becoming more surreal and obscure with each day until he becomes lost within a world unrecognisable and god forbid, maybe inescapable. Protagonist- David is a Heavy metal loving-wannabe artist living in the frustrating state of having ambitions far beyond his capabilities. He is a deep thinker who contemplates the nature of humanity, the possibility of god and the limitless universe. David  is a person with friends of few number but of high quality and someone who lays low away from the crowd. He lives an almost hedonistic lifestyle, doing everything in his power to enjoy every moment and not sacrificing his loves for anything mundane or not to his immediate enjoyment.   Characters- The strange world that David explores is populated by a cast of people from his past and present although they all seem to be acting strange in there own way. People he knows well begin conforming to his every thought and long lost relatives haven't aged a day since he last saw them. As time goes on in the game people who were so familiar to David become unrecognisable and even loved ones become forgotten. Antagonist- As David searches for answers is he confronted by strange people and creatures being sent forth by a single being who goes by the title “Anem Degeth”. In appearance he is a taller, stronger and seemingly a more powerful version of David. He appears at will to taunt David, speaking in his ear and molding the world around him to create challenges. David must revisit his past in search of the reasons behind Anem’s attacks and a way out of the hell, back to normality. Combat- The scope of combat grows along side with the obscurity of the world. Beginning from hand to hand combat all the way to epic displays of magical power that tear apart reality. Each style of combat would be associated with the progression of the threat in the world as David needs to adapt to survive. Making the game more and more intense through its progression.
  11. Zac Andrews

    Need help with a story

     I like Got_rythems Idea about you being the traiter. Could it have dynamic trust system ? Where you have teams of criminals on your side and teams that are out to get you. But depending on the players dialog choices and their actions with those different teams he can influence the size of his army and even turn teams against each other. You could create a really nice back stroy with intergang wars using a family tree and timeline. That could make for a dynamic story and interesting player choice based on greed and moral delemma.
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