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  1. No sir T.T resizing the window thru dragging up to the edge of the screen does not drops the FPS, it only happens when clicking the maximize button of most popular browser I've tested.  
  2. Hello Dan, My canvas size is fixed to 800x600 window size, I already tried changing the margin from left or right and my default setting is always on the middle. It has no problem when the browser window is in normal, resize or even in full screen mode. The frame only drops when the window size of the browser resized by clicking the maximized control box button. Currently I dont have a working site sample over the internet, I have this video feeds on youtube that shows whats happening.      
  3. Hi Ectara, thanks for the fast reply ^_^y. I'm playing with HTML5 using Canvas with "fixed" 800 x 600 window size.
  4. I'm playing with HTML5/JavaScript using canvas, I've noticed a huge drops on FPS whenever the browser windows get maximized. Initially I thought it was on the specific browser I'm using, but I test all the browser IE,FF,OP,CH all drops the frames per seconds when maximized at least 50% or more. Any hint why is this the case? thanks.