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  1. DexterZ101

    Best Modelling Software for Character Rendering & Items

    Aside from Blender if you want a light and easy to use modeling, mapping and rigging 3D tools.. I'll recommend fragMotion and MilkShape3d
  2. DexterZ101

    First Wave of Shapes TD

    Cool dude! all of you guyz are almost done T ___ T.... need to catch up!
  3. I like the looks and feel of the image! 1Terrabyte Kudos to your port dude ^ _^ y
  4. DexterZ101

    Tower Defence - Post Mortem

    Ohhlalala!!! your done bro! Kudos to all of you guyz ^ _ ^ y | <3 Awoken post Need to catch a plane... ( I'll try to finish challenge even on the field : - D )
  5. Hello, I have played all of Stracraft and I'm a fan LOL ... you will notice that if you group them together in the air they squeeze on the spot you want them to be... but "OVERTIME" they will move independently to not collide on each other and spread out... this true most on the air units but not on ground units. "Another solution might be evading me completely, one that doesn't involve grids at all. Any thoughts?" Exactly I will not use the girds at all, for all the Air units, I'll us the world space position grid and some collision response "OVERTIME", a unit sphere bounding collision response will be suffice I think until they spread out and not colliding to other ships. I also read somewhere they do some hack to ship their product by removing the collision on SCV, Probe and Drone when they are mining : - D Cheers ^_^Y
  6. DexterZ101

    Tower Placement

    I'm on the same boat T __ T and my boss assigned me on field work this month... : ( : ( Good luck!
  7. DexterZ101

    Tower Defence - nearing the finish line

    Good job! and I think I'm very far from finishing : - D
  8. DexterZ101

    Normalmapping space and tangents

    Hello, I assume the Normal, Tangent, BiNormal in "Model space" are already in place or computed once you load your mesh and stored your on vertex buffer because most of 3D modeling tools capable of including this in mesh info, but if not MJP links is helpful. "1. Normal mapping in world space vs tangent space (multiply T, B and N in PS versus converting light direction to tangent space in VS, pass to PS)" Since VS (Vertex Shader) are normally geometry oriented which operates on each vertex, I will only calculate anything related to vertex final position output usually for normal mapping computation of your T,N,B etc,, from your entity world matrix. "convert light dir in VS and pass that to the PS" PS(Pixel Shader) as the name implies this operates on on the final color per pixel, IMO this is where the lighting computations should be computed because it affect the final color of each pixel. My rule of thumb is calculate anything related to Vertex manipulation in VS and calculate anything related to final color output in PS ^_^y
  9. It's cool to have different tools in the pocket for different jobs ^_^y game development is a never ending study I think... Image below are the tools I'm playing with... I normally choose the tools which I'm comfortable using,,, just wanted to share the Image below the tools on my desktop I wanted to use on this challenge but lacks of time to study all Nyaha : - D ... wanted to study KOTLIN too as an alternative to JAVA ...
  10. That's very nice bro ^_^y looking forward on your 3JS tutorial... take care everyone!
  11. Thanks Eddiek and Rutin ^_^y very much appreciated ! Just got home and I added new Video Feeds on my Edited post ... Wave#5 prototype with new Rixian Interceptor and I loose : - D Nytie peepz ...
  12. Nyaha! thanks bro! you will here mine, edited from Audacity but it's not yet on that feeds, most of the assets, models, sound and voice are from Microsoft Allegiance Game which became MIT license in 2017 and to be safe I will also attached Microsoft &nbsp;Game Content Usage Rules ^ _^ y MIT license is great.
  13. Thanks bro! appreciated... OFF TOPIC : Wish you have continue your 3JS tutorial count me as one your follower for blogging it ^ _^ y eager to learn WebGL ...
  14. Wazzup all ^_^y GameDev Challenge | Tower Defense | Dev Progress ( Turret 360 : Added Audio+SoundFX ) What's new : Yo peep'z development is really slow! BTW I'm using MonoGame framework for this entry, MG is only a framework or a rendering engine which means I have to write everything from scratch including camera 😄, I need to build a Game Engine on top of MonoGame to produce different kinds of games, all of my Skybox, Billboards, Quads, Particles, Models, Trails, Entity components and including Mesh Loaders was written from scratch (Not using MG conntent pipeline mesh loader), but the real pain in the butt 😄 is the rendering sequence for solid material, additive and transparent material to work effectively that can be use for using basic effect or custom shader, yep you have to write your own shader in MG if you don't want to use it's basic effect, MG basic effect only support up to per pixel lighting effect AFAIK the reason I need write a custom shader with normal map andh 3 light source, basically everything done here is purely code no editor or prefab tools was used. I like MonoGame because it's a code centric framework you have total control of everything, maybe next compo I'll use Unity or Xenko. 1. Added features to my custom OBJ mesh loader for better performance, It has an option now to render the whole model as one group even if the original model has many groups. 2. Improve trail header and tails trimming when not moving or can set life of a trail. 3. Swapping diffuse texture map at any given time. 4. Model diffuse texture can be an animated texture. 5. Adding child node to parent node with translation and rotation e:g: My Turret where the body is the parent node which on rotate on Y axis and Machine Gun is the child node which only rotate on X axis but follow Y axis of the parent node. 6. Adding Audio and Sound Effects Improving my trails bezier curve, but still not perfect 😄 Explosion collision detection : Adding GRAPHICS OPTIONS : 1 = LOW 2 = MEDIUM 3 = HIGH LOW = Basic Effect no ambient lighting MEDIUM : Perpixel lighitng only HIGH : Anti aliased and every model has ambient light + 3 light source + diffuse + normal map And lastly here's some video feeds with TURRET firing on 360 in any angle with Audio + Sound effects ^_^y EDIT : Add new video feeds WAVE#5 Prototype and I Loose : - D
  15. Cool low poly tanks you got there bru ^_^y
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