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  1. DexterZ101

    UDP Confusion c++ sockets

    "So how would i do that to ensure that when i send hello_set_id(10); the client receives full text, i was thinking of adding a number after each char to ensure that text wont be fragmented like h0e1l2l3o4_5 etc." You don't have to do that when using UDP protocol because you are sending Datagram messages; meaning you will received the whole message or NOT. When the recipient received it your are guaranteed it's the whole message. "Hello world" Unlike when using TCP which is Stream oriented you may received the message in PART or in WHOLE message but guaranteed it will arrived at the other end and in order. "Hell" "o" " world"
  2. DexterZ101

    My Final Entry : Tower Defense Challenge

    Thanks Rutin for Pointing the optional DL link ^_^Y Finally I played all : Jelly, Eddie, Rutin , Awoken Entrties ! ( only 5 of us ? )
  3. DexterZ101

    Finished & Post Mortem

    Finally I found your project page : - D .... Played it till wave 10 man... what's cool about your entry is it an HTML5 Game... LOOK MOM NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD TO PLAY IT ^_^y
  4. DexterZ101

    Tower Def Challenge Submission

    Wow less than 3MB! downloaded and run it w/o a prob.... Nice ^_^y
  5. DexterZ101

    My Final Entry : Tower Defense Challenge

    Thanks man but thanks to MS Allegiance game content i've used : - D .. and don't forget the to Upgrade the MINING it will double the money mining. Thank guyz... time to sleep ... and hope the next challenge will not announce soon enough LOL...
  6. I already downloaded it play with it to feel the game a bit hard it reminds me really of Command and Conquer I'm a fan of it ^_^y I will play it again thoroughly.
  7. DexterZ101

    My Final Entry : Tower Defense Challenge

    Thanks for playing it man! I play it 5x times and always finish the level before I submitted it, I'll make sure one can beat it to the last : - D TIPS : 1. WAVE-1 : Build 10 miners immediately w/o turret ūüėĄ ... and upgrade the MINING immediately from there build at least 3 Turret Post to kill the ( Single attacking ship ) ... energons will flows from there. 2. While playing on it don't watch the Action unless upgrading : - D Just watch the number of Miners make sure it always more than 8 ,,, and the Turret Post is not less than 6 .... Sure Win,, 3, But if you can maintain 10 miners and 10 turret anytime... sure win ... Every Wave will grant you more Energons more energons the higher the wave up to 1800 energons points starting from Wave-7. Thanks bro appreciated ^_^Y { I also enjoy your entry it really reminds of WarCraft since I'm a fan of Blizzard RTS StarCraft/WarCraft } ORRRCC!!!
  8. Ohhh selling entities .... I should have include that in my upgrade menu pop T__T ... probably on the beta release.
  9. DexterZ101

    Adding some new stuff to 3D Paint

    Does this means you paint directly on the mesh in your created app and automagically it creates a diffuse texture on what you have painted including the mapping O.O If that's the case YOUR THE MAN BRO ^_^Y
  10. I want to blast something with that kind of Tank Turret! looking forward for the download bro ^_^y
  11. DexterZ101

    My Final Entry : Tower Defense Challenge

    Thanks man! can't wait to see and play all of other entrant game submitted ^ _^ Y .. already played Jelly's game .
  12. DexterZ101

    Tower Defense Challenge - Part 6 - To-Do List

    We know you can do it bro ^ _ ^ y
  13. DexterZ101

    Tower Defense almost over!

    Entry Submitted : Blogs : EA Blogs Project page : Earth Allegiance
  14. DexterZ101

    My Final Entry : Tower Defense Challenge

    Download available : Game Project Page
  15. DexterZ101

    My Final Entry : Tower Defense Challenge

    Thanks man the challenge is your idea : - D
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