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  1. mchedlo213

    and again... New Wanna-Be-Gamemaker Dude.

    thnx for video ;) minibutmany maybe i'll check that out as well ;)   thnx for responces btw ;)
  2. mchedlo213

    and again... New Wanna-Be-Gamemaker Dude.

    ok,cool,i downloaded express edition already looking for tutorials. btw,i know that but i'm studying architecture at university where we also learn some 3d graphic pograms like archicad,some 3ds max,maya,etc... as well as just how to draw,paint and so on... audio shouldn't be that hard,i think that's not the thing i should be concerned and concentrated about right now.
  3. mchedlo213

    and again... New Wanna-Be-Gamemaker Dude.

    ok,cool,i searched through web again (its quite a good place to look for information ya know xD) and now i'm understanding what i want to do is quite hard. i mean the system of developing a game is quite hard,even if its some-indie-casual-one time use game.(here i don't mean games created with Game Make,Construct etc...) so,please let me know if i'm wrong. to make a game,i need: 1.get game idea,choose art style,overal design of game,mechanics,etc. = non-technical part which is the most interesting for me i suppose. 2.decide how the game will be made.i chose the hard way,meaning programming,doing all by yourself,and not using different additional programs,like GM and others. 3.here comes the pre-hardest part depending on game,which isn't my concern at moment,i need some kind of language as well as engine + some other additional progs if needed. along with overall look of game,these will also give a game a 'face'. now i searched and i'm probably going to use C#,for which i'm already looking. first of all,which IDE would be best or at least good for this language? is it good to use all-around IDE with some specific,C#-oriented compiler for it ? also is there ANYTHING i'll have to pay for ? i mean if i carry on using this language,will there be any kind of payments needed if f.e. my game is going to be sold,or some PRO versions need to be bought and stuff like that...
  4. mchedlo213

    and again... New Wanna-Be-Gamemaker Dude.

    thnx karsten,i've heard about OpenGl and DirectX being kinda best i guess xD yes,that SDL and SFML stuff xD ;) btw it may soun dumb,but do not i need to learn any prorgamming or some programmign language in order to work with engine,f.e. Unity ? is C# easier than C++ ? what about Python and Lua ?
  5. mchedlo213

    and again... New Wanna-Be-Gamemaker Dude.

    i doubt about UDK and CryENGINE,but Unity seems quite interesting,considering there are some really interesting 2D games made,as well as simple (yet really goood) 3D games... frankly i was planning to check out python,lua,maybe even adobe flash... now i'm thinking about C#,C++ (still xD)... i also checked engines,and as far as i can see,C++ is overally still needed and eventually i'll have to learn it... probably will carry on learning C++ ... also will probably check (later ofc) Box2D and Unity3D engines... i also wonder what is SMDL ;( if i wrote that right ofc. btw thnx for your time and advice ;)
  6. mchedlo213

    and again... New Wanna-Be-Gamemaker Dude.

    i have like 2-3 weeks of spare time before my university starts. in that time i'll be less available,but still manage to study and learn. as i said, i'll be focused on 2D games,platformers,more casual games maybe,some (really) good examples would include Limbo,Machinarium,Crayon Physics,Super Meat Boy,from recent games i would also like to mention The Cave... thus i don't want to mess around with complex engines or complex stuff,like 3D and so on... Agbahlok,i already read that topic,it was quite informative i gotta say,that's why i asked which language is relatively easy and at the same time relatively close to game developing and programming as well...   yes,and another thing,quite important,it would be great if language i'm about to learn does have Free stuff with it,i mean IDEs,compilers,even engines later... also i wonder if engine is programmed with certain language can i program and use another one while i'm using that engine ?
  7. Hello ;) Just registered on this site,it looks really good,people giving advice,sharing information,not trolling and etc. Now as other many users out there,i'm also a newbie wanna-b-developer. Unfortunately,i have no experience,except playing games and messing around (just a little bit,little little bit) with GameMaker. I digged deeper and this is what i found. Since i want to be indie game developer (at least till i can be pro and maybe start thinking about getting a job),i wonder where can i start. i looked through topics here,checked some other resources. First of all,it's about programming.I don't have any experience,but i think i can handle it,because from what i see,it's kinda hobby of my life (making games that is).At first i was going to start with C++ as there quite a lot of people who suggest it, it's kinda "main" language on which games are made.But looking through other resources i saw that it might not be the best idea.so i decided to learn another language,a little bit simplier,just to start with,to understand how things work,what it is  to program and so on.since i'll be focusing on 2d games for quite a time,till i am comfortable with programming,sure that i can do that stuff,maybe even sell 1 copy of my game,then i will think about thinking to move to 3D. the languages World Wide Web suggested me are as follows: -Python -Lua -C++ (still add to this list...) -C# -Javascript and HTML ... now since i don't and won't be surfing and trying to conquer web,i won't be fooling around with HTML or javascript. but i'm not sure about other ones in the list. also here's famous list of engines i looked through and i wonder if these are at least Ok to start with: -Allegro Library -Box2D -Cocos2D -Flexible Isometric Free Engine -Ignifuga Game Engine -IwGame engine -Lavgine -LOVE -Stratagus -ZenGL i'm also interested if there are any 3D engines that can be used effectively for making 2d game  thnx in advance ;)
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