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  1. Fs02

    Free running physics

    Thanks for the hints :)
  2. Fs02

    Free running physics

    Hi, i'm trying to achieve some free running movement, but i don't know how it works and where to start. i'll start with the following questions How free running is implemented in game like Assasins Creed, Watch Dog etc ? is they are using capsule collider for physics ? if yes, how the capsule collider would behave when it's doing the free running moves ? Some example or visualization will really help, Thanks :)
  3. Fs02

    Sfml or Libgdx (C++ or Java)?

      Yup, it's true, LibGDX is framework designed for game while SFML is more of Cross platform layer Abstraction API. if you are going with LibGDX, you can jump stright to build your game, while if you're going from SFML it's not imposible to go stright to build your game but you would end up to create your own framework above the SFML if you want the code looks prettier and optimized :)
  4. Fs02

    Building a Portfolio as a writer

    Do you know sanctuaryRPG ? it's text based RPG and if you know how to coding, i think you may be able to do that
  5. Fs02

    Building a Portfolio as a writer

    SInce your ability is story writing, maybe game with lot of story element like RPG or Adventure may be good for you.       i'm a programmer and If you're really looking for hobbyist projects, maybe we can collaborate Well it's not a fiction game, but if you really want to write story for fiction game, may be you could post in classifield EDIT: If you have heard project called Age of Aincrad, maybe you can try to post in their forum and maybe they will give you a chance, good luck :)
  6. Fs02

    controlling chipmunk joints

    Hi BeerNutts, Thanks for reply, i already doing some experiment and i found the solution :) The solution is just combine some joint together, for example if you have ChipmunkPivotJoint and you want to limit it's rotation, just add ChipmunkRotaryLimitJoint to the same body, and also if you want the joint to have motor then add ChipmunkSimpleMotor.
  7. Hello, i'm working on a project using cocos2d-js and chipmunk and gut stuck on how to control chipmunk joint, i'm very new on chipmunk physics but i've already familiar with box2d before. I'm looking for example about how to manipulate chipmunk joints, not just how to create it but also how to control it, i've found some examples before but it just showing how to create a joint, not how to control it. It'll be very helpfull if someone write an example or give a link to an example. Thanks very much :-)
  8. Romance Stalker #screenshotsaturday #GGJ14
  9. Fs02

    Where do I start?

    if you are using unity, starts using it's official video tutorial, they have a very great resource. and thanks to their tutorial, i know a bit of creating game in 2d or 3d using unity in 2 weeks :)   cheers !!!
  10. Try and give my game feed back :D #GGJ14 #GGJBDG2014
  11. first time using lambda :)
  12. I checked it an it seems to be a good engine. thanks for mentioning :)
  13. it's true that Torque3D has many rudimentary OpenGL ports is the most things that bugging me.   about Maratis3D, i think it's not looks like a promising engine and still lack of community support(from what i saw in it's registered forum user).
  14. i'm thinking to learn Torque3d because it licensed under MIT and i'd like to know what do you think ? or maybe another suggestion about another open source engine ? thank you :)
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