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  1. Off topic web development.

    Hello. I have tried couple of Web development forums and no one seems to reply on my question, I thought that forum is active so I might as well give it a go with my question: Can someone post a code that I can make a box (border) on the middle of the page also I want the information to be inside the box too and have a different colour then the background. I gave an attachment what I mean. I would appreciate if someone would help!
  2. Games Development Beginnner

    thank you :)
  3. Games Development Beginnner

    Hello. I am interested in games development, though I do not know how to start. Can  someone tell me from their experiences, what they did, which Programming Language they used ?   I know Python is easy, to understand the foundation of programming, though I was wondering if there is a language that companies use, in order to develop games. I want mainly be a programmer, I have IT experience, though in Hardware side.     thanks :)