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  1. XNA 4.0 Tutorial: Mario Clone

    And what's about MonoXNA and ANX? (It's not an ironic question: I'm working on a XNA Game and I will move to one of them in the future.)   I think they're all pretty similar in nature.  I would recommend Monogame.  It seems to be the most complete and has a stable release out.  It also supports the most platforms if I'm not mistaken.   Should note though that to publish to the app store and play store, it costs $300 each. Still a really interesting concept.  I have plans in the future to create a game for windows using monogame.  The plan is to publish on the other platforms if I make enough money from the windows version.
  2. XNA 4.0 Tutorial: Mario Clone

    I've done two more videos for this tutorial!   Here's the second video:   And the third:   I would love some feedback! 
  3. XNA 4.0 Tutorial: Mario Clone

      Hey man, have you made any more tutorials?   I've done one more since posting the topic, but I have kinda taken a break for a bit since the videos weren't getting much attention. I will probably start doing more once the semester is over.
  4. XNA 4.0 Tutorial: Mario Clone

    Thanks guys!   I'll move it there then!
  5. XNA 4.0 Tutorial: Mario Clone

    Hmm.. that sucks.   Well, nevertheless, I think I will continue my tutorial series.  I think there are still people wanting to learn XNA and it should help with game design in general, not just XNA.   As I am actually new to this site (friend told me to post this here), where would be a good place to post this kind of thing?
  6. XNA 4.0 Tutorial: Mario Clone

    Hi All!   I am currently working on a XNA 4.0 tutorial and I thought this would be a good place to share it. I am going to walk you through the process of creating a 2D game (mostly) from scratch.   I have only finished one episode so far, the more attention it gets the faster the videos will get made.    If you have any questions or comments let me know either on here or in the youtube video comment section!   And here is the first episode: