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  1. GearTreeEntertaiment

    The Problem With Capitalism

    How come people here don't see the problem in that someone can makes tens of millions of dollars, or billions, and yet someone can bust their ass and make barely enough to survive. The main argument I have seen from the majority of people saying capitalism fails isn't that it has no place at all, but rather a 'pure' capitalist system isn't the best for the needs of all people. The idea if the government helping people with basic needs of people such as healthcare or a roof over the head of the homeless isn't a ridiculous notion.
  2. GearTreeEntertaiment

    Week Of Awesome IV - The Competition Thread

  3. GearTreeEntertaiment

    Week Of Awesome Iv: Day 2

    Today was a rather unproductive day, enough so that I am questioning whether or not I could finish my game. I had a difficult time trying to implement pathfinding, and in the end I was not even able to incorporate it into any Entity class. Not much else to say, other then I am feeling quite demotivated, but I hope tomorrow I can bounce back and get work done.
  4. GearTreeEntertaiment

    Week Of Awesome IV - The Competition Thread

    Day One Recap: http://www.gamedev.net/blog/2105-gtentertainments-journal/
  5. GearTreeEntertaiment

    Week Of Awesome Iv: Day One

    Well it's the fourth anual week of awesome and with it (at least for me) comes lots of rushed code and stress. I have chosen the themes evolution and undead, and incoporated them in a 2D top down game. The gamellay is simple, nothing at all robust, and should be implemented within this week. You play an undead monk that must get his life back through fighting mediaeval enemies. In order to get more powerful you use the blood of your enemies to evolve to a more powerful form, and use your power to defeat increasingly powerful enemies. I got a basic map rendered with a player that collides with the environment, and sone pseudo shadows. Note that the tiles used now were made really quick by me for testing the map loader and renderer, and will be replaced with nore pleasant tiles soon. That's it really, good luck to all, and a load more of it to myself.
  6. I added the other member to my team. Please edit my team entry.
  7. I will join in too. Team Name: The Gares Members: GTEGares and CaveCrow. Site: None
  8. GearTreeEntertaiment

    And the Best President for America is…

    Crooked Hillary is a Trump word, but it is one of the few things he gets right. :p
  9. GearTreeEntertaiment

    And the Best President for America is…

    I think it is easy to tell which side of the aisle you stand on. Your listed arguments are only in support of democrats, and the others are insults to republicans. You're not exactly analyzing and going through the facts like you state nobody else does, but apparently only you do. What you listed isn't exactly from an objective point of view. Lets be honest. Edit: Only read the initial post before posting this. Afterwards read the rest. I am sorry for your current position, nobody wants to be somewhere like that and I hope things turn around for you. I say objectivety over neutrality. Many Republican standpoints are not even objectivetly debatable. They are made debatable through a "neutral"-ity, when people act like all positions carry the same worth. And same is to be said about some liberal arguments. I think we ought to look at the facts and not affiliate things too much with labels. Some polls show that many Republicans (voters not politicians) are more liberal on some issues.
  10. GearTreeEntertaiment

    And the Best President for America is…

    Many people seem to know only what the main stream nees sources feeds them, which distorts the perception of the candidates. Look at the facts, and their histories. It's sad to see such a misinformed people.
  11. GearTreeEntertaiment

    Why I write games.

    What I find awesome about many video games is that they able to appeal to both kids and adults much more effectively than most other forms of media.
  12. GearTreeEntertaiment

    The Incredible Lightness of Being An Ark Developer

    IMO this should be in a blog/journal and not an article, but I found it interesting.
  13. GearTreeEntertaiment

    I have ideas

    Well if you are gonna say you have ideas don't post anything unless you want to be specific and ask for feedback.
  14. GearTreeEntertaiment


    So I have been try to send some data to my gpu using glUniform3fv and glUniformMatrix4x4fv. I have been spending some time wondering why they would not send, and I have found to issue. glUniform3f works, but not its glUniform3fv counter part. I am not sending a bad pointer, or data, because the data outputs fine right before sending. So my question is, is there any reason any of you might know to why the fv versions do not work? I used these same headers and libs in another project, and the functions worked just fine.
  15. GearTreeEntertaiment

    Game Engine World Class Structure

    Although it is common to have only one scene, there is no reason to force yourself into only using one scene. The world/scene manager should be instance-based just like any other class and in your state class just create one or more instances of them as per your needs. Your GamePlayState has m_smSceneMan and inside of CGamePlayState::Update() it calls m_smSceneMan.Update().   These are not scenes, they are states. A state is any modular part of the game, such as the main menu, bonus area, gameplay area, etc. A state creates an instance of one or more scene managers, populates them with objects, and tells them when you update. http://lspiroengine.com/?p=351   You are mixing up your terminology. Only the current state is updated. During that update its scene manager is updated, which updates all objects in it. I have been referring to it as a world manager for a reason.   No. The scene manager is not the place for storing interactions. Triggered actions should be set off (or gathered for later firing) by the physics engine (since it is what detects them) or other appropriate places. Behavior trees are hard to debug and manage, and you should make a tool for it and a separate system.   No, but parts of the update could be made parallel. Lights, weather, and other isolated subsystems could be updated in parallel while other things, such as primary culling, take place.   Never use dynamic_cast. Not only is it useless (I have literally never needed to use one), they are a performance problem on several levels. You can always find a better and faster solution, such as with bits set in a flag returned by each object type to tell you what kind it is and a static_cast.   ECS is over-engineering a simple solution and 99% of its implementations have been under misguided pretenses. It touts itself as being able to easily expand and allow you to connect components to make new objects at run-time!, which almost always draws a crowd, but if you look at the general sturgeon’s warning on the back, you will find that it is not suitable for anyone without his or her own proprietary script system, or at least Lua or C#. People generally just see it as the big new fad, notice how well it works for Unity, and try to just dive in, never considering why it works for Unity. ESC is the whole foundation on which Unity can be a multi-purpose self-contained game engine, easily extensible for all the needs of millions of people. But that is only true because of its tools, editors, and use of scripts.   If you don’t have a script system then ECS is pointless, and if you do then you’ve heavily over-engineered your product. ESC is never the correct choice for hobbyists or people who want to actually make games, not engines.     L. Spiro You're right about ECS, was just giving one solution. In my opinion, it seems ECS many times causes more problems than it solves.
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