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  1. Necromancer- opening act

    Hi,   I took a look.   I believe that your text is in  a synopsis style. Maybe you shold eliminate the narrator and give the voice to some character more involved with the universe. Hide some information, for example: you tell us about death n life, but this is something nice to discovery in gameplay, in a moment when the player is learning about necromancers.   The gamesplay idea (pokemon style) is a good thing. This game type has a good market reception 
  2. Need help with a story

    Noddy,   there are a fill problems in you idea.   - first: what's wrong with cliches? There's a lot of stories with common plots. it all depends on how you manage the plot to show your story. This article gives a good idea of the basic plots to start.   - Second: you need more details about genre. TPS is too big. It could be something like GTA, wiht a giant story, lots and lots of turn arounds, etc. But it also could be something like Max Payne, with levels, more linear. Without this its hard to give any tip. Anyway, a good start is to define why the character was shot.
  3. How to structure a story for pitching ? + other questions.

    Hi Zac,   About the questions:   1- Sometimes, as writer you'll have the chance to give some ideas in the gamedesign, but it depends on the studio you are working for. AAA games use to deal with diferent departaments on this. People to write, people to make the design, etc.   2- one of the great mistakes about games is to treat de scrrenplay as a secondary element. Any professional team should have a writer, so, you have to find them.   3- well, write something and try contact, send your work and, most important: you must have some writer activity (blog, book, tales) to show.