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  1. It looks really cool. Good job ! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Geek Message Blog The steps I take to make a dream come true:   http://geekmessage.wordpress.com
  2. Hello   During learning of Direct X features I was making Game Engine for fun, but mostly to get experience. After asking on :   http://www.gamedev.net/topic/639848-game-development-scene/   for Your advice, I've decided to prepare docummentation for my source code, and here it is:   https://bitbucket.org/Cthuga/direct-x-engine   I hope that someone would be interested in giving me some advices and feedback. At this momment there are some base models, lighting, fog, textures, and mirrors.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6RUc_uiQrw&feature=youtu.be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsP4v2u6sDQ&feature=youtu.be   ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Geek Message Blog The steps I take to make a dream come true:   http://geekmessage.wordpress.com
  3.   I hope You would never stop. It is pleasure to see success of people who put a lot of effort and hard work to accomplish their targets     I totally agree with You. I have friends programmers ( greetings for You ), but they have chosen other paths of career ( business developers - like me before ). It is very important to stay in touch with people with same passion like Yours. I would love to follow Your progress. Good luck   ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Geek Message Blog The steps I take to make a dream come true:   http://geekmessage.wordpress.com
  4. Does Microsoft announced earlier that this kind of update would take place ? Or it was described only in update ?   In my opinion this is critical hit for game creativity ( Indie Games ) written on DirectX. That's really sad   ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Geek Message Blog The steps I take to make a dream come true:   http://geekmessage.wordpress.com
  5. I'm trying to understand Your situation.   I suppose that Your DepthStencilBuffer is enabled, his test is LESS THAN (standard one), and it MASK_ALL - so You make standard depth stencil test. Am I right ?   Could You explain am I right:     So You want to set Stencil buffer to 1 there where You draw Your Instance ?   But then You wrote:     So I see here two different things: Do You set it to 1, or increment in every iteration ?   ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Geek Message Blog The steps I take to make a dream come true:   http://geekmessage.wordpress.com
  6. When I have a lot of energy and passion because of learning, programming and creating my own projects - I can spend many many hours each day. Unfortunately we are only humans, and the day, when our body would say "I need a break" and "I don't want to do it, please, do something else" would come. It is signal which we can't ignore - it says, that something is terribly wrong.   I believe that our motivation is resultant of our healthy lifestyle, clear vision of our targets, making small ( remember SMALL, but well-judged ) steps every day. There is one more in our passion - the most difficult to accomplish: look out for overwhelming problems. However there is a lot of unpleasure stuff we have to learn/make. I believe that key to success is good plan for those steps - split it to small problems, and for each give You some time and space.   ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Geek Message Blog The steps I take to make a dream come true:   http://geekmessage.wordpress.com
  7. Thanks for Your reply. I think then I shouldn't focus on sharing my knowledge, because it might be wrong on early stage of learning. Instead I should write about traps on which I've been caught, and comment my source code ( ofcourse also I would share this source ).   ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Geek Message Blog The steps I take to make a dream come true:   http://geekmessage.wordpress.com
  8. Hello everyone.   I guess that this is my first post, so I would introduce myself. My name is Norbert, I'm from Poland and I love creating games ( I think that's not suprising ). Unfortunately I've noticed that after ending Institute of Technology. Luckily I have many years of experience in programming, but only 2 months in GameDev - so ... I am beginner.   And now - to the point. I've noticed that this community is really unique - most of You have great passion. There is a lot of Blogs, articles, indie projects - that's really great, I love it. I really enoy myself to share my experience from the first step of learning new things in this subject.   But is it really good to share Your experience from beginning ? I mean - there is a lot of professional blogs which shows You some unique techniques, interesting news from community or their progress in making fantastic games and arts. So I wonder if the blogs like mine should wait some months/years till I get skill.   Do people enjoy watching progress of fresh Developers ?   ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Geek Message Blog The steps I take to make a dream come true:   http://geekmessage.wordpress.com