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  1. Also, pycon next week. w00t. #pycon2013
  2. Seriously, EA + Maxis… what is wrong with playing SimCity offline?
  3. I think buying SimCity was a big mistake. I can't play my game because it's offline! Feh!
  4. GameMaker Studio is pretty good. Feels like PHP and gets things done. Most of the time.
  5. Migrating from autotools to cmake. Life is better.
  6. AABB collisions and stairs, oh my!
  7. Must have lost some blood sugar or something. No progress vid until I refactor movement engine.
  8. I shall be putting together a progress vid of my game today. Nervous because it's placeholder art and not the full vision. #outintheopen
  9. OH: I don't think having a full-time job for the rest of my life is going to work.
  10. Meant to post a progress video of my game but that might have to wait until later this weekend. Too tired.
  11. know C you'd never think of it. [2]
  12. The only thing I would change in #brogue is to allow diagonal movement around walls. It ships with source, yay!
  13. Mechanical Sympathy: CPU Cache Flushing Fallacy http://t.co/Zdk88fvrsr a good, thorough explanation of modern intel architectures
  14. Doing a little refactoring this morning. More objects and things to interact with… might try elevators or hidey-places today
  15. And now you can try using pickups on interactive objects… woo. Some minor gameplay.
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