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  1. Tucker933

    Some questions about gameplay design.

    Hopefully this has some what you're asking for: https://tucker933.com/balance/ All but the section on level design pertains to sandbox design (sometimes just called gameplay design). In general, it's a field responsible for the the mechanics of gameplay assets and their balance.
  2. Tucker933

    What is expected of a Gameplay Designer?

    All these answers seem to be in regards to game design in general, rather than gameplay design (a specific field).   Gameplay design specializes in building gameplay objectives and to a far greater degree, designing and balancing the mechanics for meeting those objectives. I'd suggest checking out my Guide to Balanced Gameplay Design.
  3. I'm sorry, but your team seems to mostly consist of strangers (like me), which makes me quite weary.   I'll pass, but wish you luck. =]
  4. My previous experience has been exclusively with 3D shooters.   Gameplay Design I have about 8 years of independent experience conceptualizing, designing, and balancing PvP weapon and vehicle mechanics. These works were on conversion mods using original content. My design philosophies are best illustrated in my Guide to Balanced Gameplay Design.   Effects Art I have about 7 years of independent experience creating visual effects, with a particular strength in particle effects and efficiency. A couple notable works include a resource-cheap means of simulating dynamic fluids with a decal system, and also a material-responsive dynamically propagating fire effect on a 16-year-old engine (this one not so cheap on resources due to engine limitations, but still a cool tech demo).   Example work available upon interest!
  5. Tucker933

    How did you start in Game Development/Programming?

    I started out by modding games for fun, but as the years went by I began taking my work more seriously, and was eventually abducted into large team projects where I was pushed to redefine and improve my skills. It turned from a silly hobby into something I could seriously see myself doing. I gained some important contacts within the industry as I pursued my career a bit more seriously, which opened the door for me to eventually work as a contract effects artist for a AAA title. I'm now leading my own independent project, but focusing most of my work in the field of sandbox design.
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