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  1. Looking for Modeler/Mapper

  2. Real Time Menu for Game

    It's not the programming. It's HOW do i design the ocean? I know the programming for it, but the animations for it? I'm not necessary sure about that.. I don't know what program would best suit me.
  3. Real Time Menu for Game

    Well,    I understand.    Let me explain it further.   I want to make a menu intro where waves wash up onto a beach while cam is faced down on the sand and wash back down leaving behind the options. Then when an option is clicked, it washes the current menu away and comes back with the new option. I hope this explains the question i'm asking..     Oh, and Sorry! Didn't really understand the concept of Real Time.
  4.   You would need something to make experienced devs even interested. (Money, and such)    You should study in a area you would like to work in. (Programming, Modeling, etc.)   You should write out everything you want in your game.      Then you should begin working on it.      P.S  You could do this all by yourself as 2D Games are much simpler than 3D.    Good Luck!
  5. Real Time Menu for Game

    Thanks, but I'm asking about a real time rendered menu...
  6. Real Time Menu for Game

    Actually, I do know how to make a menu. This question is for a real time rendering menu...
  7. Real Time Menu for Game

    Hi there,   I'm wondering how I would make a Real Time Main  Menu for a game? What program? (Free, Please)   It's gonna have a lot of animations when loading a new option...       Thanks, Shoot Em Games
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