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  1. Fly shooter "Rise of the Robots" (Windows DX9)

    Hi. I have uploaded a new video. RoboTank unit, like as T-1 from Terminator3.
  2. Fly shooter "Rise of the Robots" (Windows DX9)

    I started the crowdfunding campaign:   Please help me raise this project. Not necessarily money. At least inform anyone interested in this game. Thanks.
  3. Fly shooter "Rise of the Robots" (Windows DX9)

    Third: the MapEditor. The editor allows you to paint the surface of the terrain and to place objects on it.   Link:   Video: (quality 720p and fit to full frame).
  4. Fly shooter "Rise of the Robots" (Windows DX9)

    Second: Export plugins. This allows you to export data (mesh, animation, location) from 3ds Max2008.   Link:
  5. Fly shooter "Rise of the Robots" (Windows DX9)

    During development, I use my tools. There are: export plugins for 3DS Max, map creator, map editor. Max also partly used as a level editor. I hope to raise funds for the project by distributing tools through crowdfunding. I'll post the project on IndieGoGo. First: the MapCreator. MapCreator allows you to split terrain mesh into tiles and build height map.   Link:   Video:
  6. Hi. My name is Alex. I'm an independent game developer. I like mechanics, robots, unusual mechanisms and machines.   I develop a game about self-controlled bots and machines. You must fly on the maps, perform tasks, destroy rebellious robots.   Game link:   Video1:   Video2:   Game controls:     Movement - WASD.     Fire - left mouse button.     Fast rotation - right mouse button.     Select weapon - 1..5. Also you can fix/unfix camera to cursor. Show/hide messages. Set all of this in Settings -> Controls menu.   Tech: PC, WinXP, Vista, 7,8. Video card - minimum shader 2.0.   I hope you get fun my game.