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  1. My HTML5 game "ZOMBIE-SCHOOL"

    URL http://www.crofill.com/projects/zombie_school/
  2. My HTML5 game "ZOMBIE-SCHOOL"

    Hello,   I've modified many things of my game.   I simplified whole system of it  because previous version seems to be complicated,   I'm glad if you give me any comments and suggestions!   for Chrome / iPhone / iPad        
  3. My HTML5 game "ZOMBIE-SCHOOL"

    Hello!   At first I made it for only mobile. but I modified it for both mobile and desktop later.
  4. My HTML5 game "ZOMBIE-SCHOOL"

    Hello   I found some bugs and I fixed those. then it works well on my iPad2 now.     and I replaced the image about the "combination" in my game.
  5. My HTML5 game "ZOMBIE-SCHOOL"

    thank you! I'll modify this sentence and check it on iPad. This game uses same url for both pc and mobile. Something may be wrong with my code for checking devices.
  6. My HTML5 game "ZOMBIE-SCHOOL"

    Hello,    I'm developing simple game with html5.   this is my first html5 game, I'm glad if you give me any comments and suggestions. (I'm not good at English, some texts in this game may not be right)   [url] http://www.crofill.com/projects/zombie_school/     [OS] PC...Chrome,Safari Mobile...iOS?iPhone5 is recommended)   [STORY] One day, suddenly zombies attacked a school(It's Japanese type). Players must protect themselves from zombie's attack.   1.This game system is like tower defense.   2.I made 2 sample stages in it. The practice stage is easier to play.  I'll add other stages in future.   3.If you accept connecting to facebook, All players will be your real friends.   4.This project is still in progress, you may find a bug.