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    Hello everyone i am new here, I am here because a friend of mine said you are a pretty good community. I am hobbyist who develops game in my spare times. My last game is are called Spacelock, its a adaptation of the iconic game lunar lock. It's available for windows phone and its currently in the market for free, you can download it here. I just leave you the review of the game posted in my team blog, and a video trailer. Hope you like it, sorry for my poor English it's not my native language. Best regards, Marco Mendão 2Gamers Society Studios.   --   SpaceLock is now available on WindowsPhone’s market and is just within your reach for free!  After a lengthy approval process, SpaceLock is in its best performance and ready to land on mobile platforms.    SpaceLock is a Studios 2G’s production and tells the story of a spacecraft of a human crew lost in space after suffering a viral attack to commands and steering control. The spacecraft can only ensure vertical and horizontal movements and doesn’t have any breaks that can make her stop.    The game logic involves the displacement of the SpaceLock’s spacecraft to the mothership so that the control can be restored. Therefore, only you can allow the crew to reach its destination, with the rotary helper podes, displaced all over the map’s game, that ensure the creation of a path in sequence that will rescue the spacecraft.  [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsBRHQsfvEo[/youtube]   Contacts: Team blog Facebook team Email - 2gamerssociety@gmail.com
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