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    OpenGLES Game engine

    With C/C++ about 2+ years, and with OpenGLES about 15 days  But, I've done some C#/Xna (3D) last year.   I'm going to start writing my own engine, feature by feature.   Seriously, thank you :)
  2. ccodernn

    OpenGLES Game engine

    Well, I'm just very afraid of writing game engine, and I don't know all about models, animations and stuff. Also, I think that my engine will be to slow.   Can you recommend me some books or content on making game engines ?   Thank you :)
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking for a C++ OpenGLES 2 3D game engine. First of all, I don't want to use Unity and other unity-like engines and stuff.   http://www.gameplay3d.org/ is great, but it's complicated and a bit too big for my taste. Also, I can't find any tutorials or docs on how to use gameplay3d on linux.   I'm just looking for simple, small and free C++ framework that will run on Android. Some features that I need : Shader loading Basic model loading Animation support and maybe some UI controls. Good documentation     Thank you
  4. ccodernn

    Starting with OpenGL ES 2

    Thank you guys so much, I will start with OpenGL on desktop.I found this tutorial : http://ogldev.atspace.co.uk/.It looks good. Also, I'll find the book that Brian recommend when I get real mobile device.   Thanks :)
  5. Hi   I'm really confused now. I'm 17 and I want to learn game design for mobile platforms (Android and iOS).   I have some game programming experience with XNA and C#, and I have solid knowledge of C/C++.   These are issues that are stopping me from learning OGLES :    I have no Android or iPhone device, so I'm wondering is there any way to emulate OGLES 2 on desktop (Ubuntu Linux) ?   What modern books and tutorials on GLSL and shader math can You recommend ?   Is there even a chance to learn fundamentals of OpenGL ES 2 and Shaders using GLSL in 6 months ?   Can indie game pay my college ?   Thank You in advance, and I'm sorry if the question is poor or bad, but I don't have anyone to ask these questions and I believe that communty can help me
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