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    How i can find a partner

    yes i go . but all developers publish games in iran and i can not find any company that have a developer accounts in online app stores .one of this game use paypal for sell game for other country and sell it in our site :)
  2. Hi i start create a team for develop mobile games .and now we work on first game with cocos2d-x for android and ios and linux.i do 70% of this game and now we went to start find a way to sell this game in google play and android app store but i have problem and it is we live in iran :) and with us law iranian users can not register in this site our create bank account or get visa and master. how i can find a partner person or company with this store account and how many of sells get it if help we? our site:www.alcohol2d.com
  3. ofter six month hard work final completed my game and now we went to publish it but. we use cocos2d-x that is cross platform and now we test game in android,ios,and ubuntu and black berry but when we want to publish it in store like google play or app store or black berry store we seee that persian(iranian ) developer can not publish our game on any store and just get this answer  " Unfortunately due to U.S. law, we are not legally permitted to do business with users or developers in Iran. So you will not be able to submit and sell your applications on our market. " ooh how mach  freedom     have you any why for we to publish my game?
  4. Does not the time of a film?the film that create in  1970 need to permission in 2011? 
  5. Hi  when i went to create my game a bout a film story what is copyright roles? i need to get permission to create it ?and pay money ? please help 
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