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  1. Unity I have a design. What now?

    Oh, and also to clarify, by design we mean a full ~200 page design document that is extremely detailed, as well as concept art.
  2. Unity I have a design. What now?

    Maybe there's a bit of confusion. We have programmers, but not people who are dedicated to Programming as a sole job at our company. Our design has been proffessionally done by people who have worked on games before, both simple and complex. Thank you all for the replies and guidance!
  3. I own a game development company... that has never made a game!       Up until now, we have done very well in getting a design document made, working on conceptual art, and basic design and nothing else. I have a very creative team that is very experienced in the design stage of game - development, and the fruit of this team's actions was a beautifully designed game (some concept art can be found here at the bottom of this page). While coming out of the design stage, we hit a snag with our project.      Our snag was none of us had any knowledge of how to make a game! We knew a few things:   1. Someone with experience in design would need to be hired eventually. 2. The project will be mostly funded by crowdsource funding. 3. In order to be successful in said crowdsource funding, we were going to need to build a convincing prototype in just a few months, and we had a private investor who was going to fund it. 4. Whoever was to fill this position needed to know alot, and lead the team through development.   So after a little research, I decided it was best to hire a Software Engineer to build the team, decide on engines, decide on languages, and oversee the production of the game. So I did. I put up a post on both Linkedin and Gamasutra for the position. (which can be viewed here). A problem we encountered with a few of the applicants was that they didn't want to work on a project and make all of the decisions. They all wanted to make as little decisions as possible and be told what they needed to do.        So now I have been stuck for about 3 weeks, and can't seem to find an answer as to what our team needs to do in order to get the ball rolling. We do not want to hire some firm, and we want the project to really live up to its full creative potential. This whole matter is really taking a toll on our project monetarily. Any help we could get would be greatly appreciated, and we hope to get the ball rolling as soon as possible.   Thank you Gamedev.net and your community,   -- Will R. CEO and founder of Scaevitas.           [attachment=13548:concept1a.png]
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