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    [Intro] Instant Gratification (And Why It's Important)

    I never done anything on this scale.  In the past i enjoyed making short snippets of functions  I like the idea of breaking all my code down into small bite size pieces that I could call whenever I needed something to run.   It allowed me to work for briefs amounts of time and accomplished something within that time.  It helped me keep track of the pointers and made bug testing much easier.   The biggest project I've done was a completely word based board game that might have been only 300-400 lines so it isn't anything complex.  However, it was my best work so I was proud.  Since it was for a final project on my class I couldn't use any libraries and we didn't go to deeply in their use.  My next goal was to create graphics to go with my game and that proved to be much harder than I realized going in.  I had so much to learn about open GL that I never made it anywhere with it.   I'm learned that I need results to stay motivated.  Reading a book and tutorials for a year+ isn't going to do the trick if it means not working on what I want to be doing.  
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