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  1. I think the real question here is how deep into code do you want to get. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of every aspect of your code you are going to end up having to lock-in to a specific platform (i.e. Window, linux, mac, etc.). It is true that it is possible to maintain cross compatibility, but the more complex your game becomes the more difficult it is. Frankly, unless you are planning on someone's platform specific engine, or building your own from scratch I would avoid low-level APIs entirely. Let me throw out a few options to look into that are both very simple to code for, and provide cross-compatability: ShiVa 3D, Unity, Blender. For someone starting out I highly recommend Blender. It is fully integreated, meaning you don't have to use one utility to make objects another to make textures another to manage code and then pull it all together somehow, it's all in one place. It uses Python for it's game language. Lastly, it is completely open-source, and free to download. It isn't meant for crazy complicated games, but for a place to start in game dev it is the only one I can recommend to absolute beginners. They have a few tutorial resources on their site (, but remember Google and Youtube are your friends.