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  1. The winners have just been announced »
  2. One day left until the draw.
  3. Hello everyone, I've just launched a huge giveaway where you can win $1000 of game development tools and software, including GameMaker Studio and Construct licenses. Below is a list of prizes: 1 x GameMaker Studio Professional License 1 x GameMaker Studio HTML5 Module 1 x Construct 2 Business License 1 x Construct 2 Standard License 1 x Dr Oglesby’s Funk Prescription 1 x Complete Guide to Isometric Pixel Art 1 x Sheeky’s Sound Collection 10 x Making Money With HTML5 Entering is really easy and takes less than 5 minutes. For more information, head over to my blog » Good luck!
  4. YoYo Games have just announced their biggest competition to date, with cash prizes valued at $35,000, and additional software prizes worth up to $85,000. More info » http://gamemakerblog.com/2013/05/03/gamemaker-studio-win-big-competition-announced-prize-pool-120000/
  5. Hosting HTML5 Games For Free With Dropbox http://t.co/sFyvekdfcq
  6. Thanks for the mention, Austin!   @OP, I recently published an ebook called Making Money With HTML5 which documents the processes I have used over the past year to build an income from HTML5 games. It might be of interest to you!
  7. Can't stand it when people complain over a few dollars (esp. for app refunds). If $1 is such a big deal, get a job instead of playing apps.
  8. Granted, we don't get SNL here in Australia so maybe I'm shielded from the worst ;)
  9. Australia is trending world wide, and that last retweet is top. Classy.
  10. Trying to avoid buying this on the Apple Store (too morbidly curious to resist...): http://t.co/EWnR24M6X1
  11. Following the success of my previous giveaway, I'm giving away another free copy of GameMaker: Studio Professional by YoYo Games worth USD $100.   With people now making a living using GameMaker: Studio this flexible engine is becoming more and more valuable to game developers across the world. However, not everyone can afford to purchase GameMaker: Studio, so I wanted to continue to give back to the community by giving away a brand new license key.   Read more here: http://gamemakerblog.com/2013/03/25/gamemaker-studio-giveaway-2/   GameMaker: Studio is a great entry tool for people who are looking to make games but don't have any experience with programming. Even if you don't care for the competition, it's worth checking out.   I'm not an employee of YoYo Games, just a grateful fan of an excellent IDE.  
  12. What do you use to develop your HTML5 games?  Any specific development tools?   I like the IDE GameMaker: Studio. It has a bad stigma attached to it, but it's actually pretty great.
  13. I currently make HTML5 mobile games for a living, and have generated $50,000 in revenue for myself and the content creators I work with over the past 11 months. My HTML5 games make most of their money from companies that wish to host the games on their websites and gaming portals, and they pay an upfront fee for the right to do so. HTML5 games have nothing on Flash when it comes to desktop, but mobile is where HTML5 is valuable. I'm working with companies that are paying $600+ for Tic Tac Toe games. Not even kidding.   Some of my games make money with ads, however there are only one or two companies doing this well and my endevors with them ar eonly just beginning.   You can check out my blog about HTML5 games and game dev in general at Touch To Start, and if you're interested in monetizing HTML5 games I have written an ebook called Making Money With HTML5 which has launched over a hundred aspiring developers into the market already.   Hope this helps!
  14. Congratulations to the winners :)
  15. Love the style! Good luck with this :)