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  1. So first thing I would like to implement is to actually fork the login server connection, so I have to make when the server asks for authorization the same as I receive the packet from original server? so far I can only test this settings with a homemade local database system using a simple text file and selecting to read data as usernames and logins from it
  2. Hello everyone, I have been into Gaming since lot of time! More like over 10 years now, and I have taken everything from Sega Genesis to PS3, Excluding Mobile Game systems like N-Gage, I never liked those type because it simply wasn't my type of gaming =D... But skipping my story.   I started playing this game called Godswar and I found it pretty good and entertained, I have been playing for around 3-4 Years now since I was in Highschool, as I was in Highschool I started to work in a project, which would include making a Private Server out of the current Godswar Game, of course I would only start doing the Emulation part of it, and after I got all that stuff done I would move on making the actual private server...   But as soon as I finished highschool I went to University and started taking Computer Science Bachelor.. I sank myself in all those topics and really made a big deal out of it, So I got back to my original project with more energy and enthusiasm, so I got back to it, and started working on it.. practically all by myself I only could got up to the part of making the actual packet sniffer and sniff packets in-game, and help from another guy who had another packet sniffer... I got his packet sniffer first then I made mines but his has the game encryption decrypted, and mines does not has it (YET).   NOTE: Primary languages used are C++ (The another guy packet sniffer was written in VB6...)   So I came here asking for people who knew more.. On what would be the next step to accomplish? well.. I mean I got the packet sniffer already... I got the encryption/decryption functions done.. now I know how the system should work... but... What comes next?   What I think of is making the functions on based packets received... I mean when I receive packets.. write those packets into a handmade server.. to when my server receives those packets it handles the next one which comes next... or... I dont.. know... At this point i'm blank...