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  1. Defining an arbitrary rectangle from a normal

    Thanks it worked! :)
  2. So I have been programming a top down zombie shooter and I made it in a city type area so I need to be able to generate buildings.  I've made a class that makes a rectangular prism based on an x, y, and z position and the length width and height of the building.  This has worked for now, but I added lighting to my shaders and need normals and texcoords and these buildings also always faced the same direction. so I wanted to make something more flexible.  I wanted to make a function that makes an arbitrary quad that takes a normal vector, a position vector that lies on the center of the quad, and a width and height which correspond to the tangent and bitangent axis's respectively. I figure this is possible considering there is only one plane per vertex normal pair.  My question is how would I do this. I know the formula for deriving a plane from a normal but I cant figure out how to make the quad on it.