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    Mod or New Game?

    I am imagioning a less flexible sands of time style thing and while that's chill for single player games if its multiplayer there are a lot of things to work around, it almost sounds like a "respawn without dieing" feature which would make it... annoying - I could see in teams though like to kill someone you must first find them, then have a ally force them to use their time jumpop but BAM your waiting there ready to mow em down again.
  2. MichaelNIII

    Avoiding the Bot Problem

    I took a look at your game, maybe you could create a special game object that could appear "coding wise" to be a tree or a mineral rock - however one of its other values informed the engine to not actually render it for the user - then a mod can place them near a user they beleive to be botting - and if the user, who cant actaully see the "resourcing obtaining game object", attempts to mine it - you will know that it did that by accessing the level data instead of doing it the human way - runescape has a neat anti-botting concept where every few hours it shifts the colors on all of the items on the game by 1 or 2 values so that bots that look for an exact color wont work. so if each of the resources are slightly randomized when created to keep programs like SCAR-Divi from working and thus forcing them to determine whats going on by looking at the map data - and then manual checks are done it can be fairly well removed. any purely automated anti-botting defence can as you said - be automated around.
  3. MichaelNIII

    What makes an RTS game stand out?

    Some points I look at in an rts are how well the muliplayer lag effect is handles, the quality of the animation vs how resource consuming it is (why I'm not a starcraft 2 fan but I love starcraft). A lot of rts have a single player storyline which can be cool, and good balancing along with a decent selection of units and abilitys. Idk if you know of the free rts "trash" but I feel it tries soooo hard to stand out as an rts, it actually hurt itself with all the new concepts. (Walls, roads, powerlines, units dieing leave resources, and a way op cannon of doom if you could get it).
  4. You sound like you should already know this so I hate to reply, but isn't that the point of virtual functions and manager classes is so that you don't have to readd them. Then again I'm used to c++ instead so...
  5. MichaelNIII

    Where do I go after 2D?

    Your a lot like me in that I also find thing amazing and wish to learn more about them until I am satasified with how much I understand. I am really into how to making a class that can handle 2d rendering without rerendering the pervious scene, and game logic based culling with indexed lists. I am completely for not using libaries once you understand their methods - and feel there are better solutions, and if there isn't -creating one. If you are into ai, look into pathfinding, and I feel a firm understanding of how you judge the "quality" of each move to determine path finding to be quiet a fun subject and the majority of how human it will feel. Also the cover checks may be something as simple as if enemyclosestdistant>defensivedistance and closestcoverdistance<enemyclosestdistance then run to the cover. A little more complex would work better but I think you follow. Maybe learning 3d by using 3d sprites for the men dropping from the heli would be a fun direction to head.
  6. I may be wrong but I think it may have to do with him using his own vertex shader which can accept whatever format you set it up to use.
  7. MichaelNIII

    3D object on top of 2D Sprite/GUI

    You could set a surface as a render surface, and then draw the 3d image onto it, then you transform the surface and render it in 2d to where you want it to be. Use a different surface for your 3d world etc. I havnt played minecraft - they could just be using prerendered sprites if the animations it does are fairly simple.
  8. MichaelNIII

    Can shaders apply to specific polygons?

    I believe this answers this shared vs seperare files for effects wellish in that there isn't really a clear cut winner from what I know. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14271083/multiple-shaders-vs-multiple-techniques-in-directx
  9. Pleae sptop referencing my spelling - I am on a phone and this site doesn't conform to my android browser well to the extent of - I can not see what I am writing - and type at the same time. This is insanely difficult to try and do. Also judging by what your saying you don't actually have anything yet - sooo... oh well I'm done here I said what I needed and you think you got it all figured out and can't just accept any answer as truth. As I clearly state in the quote you quote - I don't see any division by 0 errors - however that is not the only error like that, that can happen due to the complexity of the code. I guess the one thing that I didn't mention was that if you wanted to make this game an mmo - bet you either you will need a million doller server to double check all the math - or it would be insanely easy to hack.
  10. MichaelNIII

    ISS - International Space Station - Simulator

    This just came to my mind "you are on the ussr space station, your mission is to sit here for a month eating dehydrated food until the united states sends a shuttle to bring you back to earth, ready... go.... 43,200 minutes remaining" if you have an idea in mind for missions please do elaborate because that is the main issue I'm having with what would make this fun.
  11. On a much more honest statement, I can barely follow this, it seems like the rules for damaging something might actually lag down your game as it tries to figure out how much damage you just dealt. I LOVE complex game systems because they are much more satifying to defeat, that being said - if it is so complex that you end up accidently leaving ovbiously exploits (not that I seen any but your adding more data as you post, such as this hilt type and I may find a division by 0 flaw if you keep it up) that's no fun. Also - don't use xy and z in your math formulas if they have no bearing to the letters it just makes things harder to understand... and you had to explain it right afterwards. I do hope my posts helped (I has no edit button) and I wish you the best of luck in attempting to impliment this into a real. Game, and if done correctly - could see myself buying a very well written copy of a damage calculator for the game I'm writing (as this would actually mesh insanely well with my game), however - very well written and easy and worthwhile to impliment and modify are inportant. Now way off tangent. If your curious - I actually intend on writing what your talking about as well - very similar with the damage, impact type, positional damage, user skill. And when I get around to it (think 1 year+) I will check to see if you completed this and maybe seek your help on what you found overly difficult to impliment about this system if you wouldn't mind.
  12. Don't be so rude to people not following your first post perfectly - your asking for help and advice, not the other way around. Also they more they likely did understand what you wrote, as you said it would be dependant on shot placement, out - what is "shot placement" is it bone based? Does each bone also have a map of vital organ and blood vessle placement attached to it (see THAT'S what they ment, cause 99% of the time shot placement is just head, chest, arms, legs)? I feel when you actually go to impliment this - there comments will be much more helpful then your thinking. if a machine doesn't have hp, how do you intend to damage a part of it. Without recoding an hp for each part. Is it really logical to have a whole new monster class for non-organic life? Also it does matterif your users can tell how strong weapons are - who wants to have to run all the way back to noob monsters to make sure there new weapon can produce as much or more dps then their current weapon? I think this method would be enjoyable, however I do ask - try and read what people say without getting upset that you feel you completely covered it in your first post. Even if where not the most apparently worthy of helping you out - this is one of the few game development forums and the people trying to help are actually one of a few dozen people with knowlege willing to freely give there time to help you achieve your goals.
  13. MichaelNIII

    ISS - International Space Station - Simulator

    I love space, my mother worked for nasa in hampton. However no matter how much I enjoy it - I would not spend more then 30 minutes playing a game about the ISS unless the missions and gameplay where unrelated to how boring it is to work up there most of the time (boring as in - besides the fact that your in space... and I won't be in space in your game soooo...and trust me - boring and routine is what you want your space station to be in real life)
  14. MichaelNIII

    'Communication' in a 4X game

    I has an idea. You could make it so once it was out so far - any commands you sent would have a relative to its distance delayed signel - and as I'm not sure what your doing but if enemys or such where seen/ damaged the ship - you would not be informed of it until a little after it happened - giving your opponent time to do a little more effective damage - without the ai killing your fleet for you. More or less - each ship has a ping.
  15. I agree with the could be boxes - as a lot of games I've "messed with" have had an option to only render the bounding boxes in them. You should set a limit on how many users can be rendered at once, either with a hard coded limit, or by having a logical limit such as only render persay - the highest level player within each group of N units, and if you know how far you draw players, its MaxUserPolygonCount*N*(DistanceDrawn/UnitsPerUser) = AllotedUserPolygons. Or something along them lines
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