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  1. New Android Model Viewer

    Hi All,   I've been working on a model viewer for Android over the past while in my spare time.   There is a free and pro version, and I'd love any feedback.  The primary audience would be artists and/or game devs looking to show off or view models on-the-go. A few of the features:   • Supported model formats:     • FBX (ascii), 3DS, BLEND, DAE (Collada), PLY, STL, OBJ, SMD, X, LWO, LXO, LWS, XML, DXF, HMP, MD2, MD3, MD5, MDC, MDL, NFF, TER, AC3D, MS3D(Milkshape), IFC-STEP, ASE   • Supported material texture formats:   • BMP, CUT, DDS, DOOM, HDR, GIF, JP2, JPEG, LBM, MDL, PAL, PBM, PCD, PCX, PGM, PIC, PNG, PPM, PSD, PSP, RAW, SGI, TGA and TIF(F)   • Register as default viewer for supported model types • Import from local storage, or stream from http/https/ftp sources   Pro-Only Features: • Skeletal animation playback from common formats, including BVH, .DAE, .MD5 and .X  • Adjust render quality • Dark and light backgrounds • Basic model statistics • Wireframe rendering • Light intensity and direction control • On-screen viewing controls • Normal (bump) mapping support   Below are some screenshots from the application.  You can download it from:   Cheers.   [attachment=13585:Screenshot_2013-02-11-08-11-18.png][attachment=13586:Screenshot_2013-01-06-13-43-06.png][attachment=13587:Screenshot_2013-01-06-13-43-19.png][attachment=13590:Screenshot_2013-02-11-08-13-33.png][attachment=13588:Screenshot_2013-02-11-08-12-31.png][attachment=13591:Screenshot_2013-02-11-08-19-41.png]