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  1. Star Drop for iOS solves the North Korea problem.

    They have left me us no choice! 
  2. My fellow constituents,   In light of recent events, we have come to accept that the North Korea problem is not going away quietly.  And so it is with stern resolution and heavy hearts that we unveil the solution:       Now, that's what I'm talking about!    When it comes to dealing with an aggravated nuclear power, we often are left with very few options.  Some of our "peers" would have us send drones over there and start shooting people up.  Well I say fie!  Fie on that!   Fie!   Instead-- I say we play video games!  Games like    STAR DROP!!   Now I know that some of us are wondering: "Why this game? Why not a game with cute little dinosaurs instead?"   To this I can only answer "Space Travel", and hope you understand what I mean.   But here's what I suggest:   Watch this trailer.     Then when you're done, go to our website and remember it...      Because STAR DROP is coming.  And when it does, North Korea won't even know what hit it.       Cordially, BRUTE FORCE GAMES [twitter]BruteForceGames[/twitter]