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  1. 2D Olympic Games

    Welcome to the 2D Olympic Games   Let me introduce myself, my name is Rafael and in this Forum I am known as CircleDrain. I Am 21 years old and at the moment I'm doing small jobs until I start in the winter semester my studies. I used to organize some tournaments in online games. A few weeks ago I had the idea that I have to make a great Olympics for 2D game developers.   What is “2D Olympic Games”? It is pretty simple. It is a contest with 6 phases. Each phase has another task and you will get points for each phase. After the last phase, we count the points together and we have got the final score. I will publish each phase when the phase starts. Don’t worry you will have enough time for each phase and breaks btw the other phases. Important is not just your forum are able to join the contest. Every Game development Community are able to Join the contest. ( I will post it to 15 Communities)   Really important is, we have got a Slogan for this contest: CRIME Everything task in this competition has something to do with the keyword Crime!   Rules: Yes, we need some rules, read them closely.   1. You have to work in 2D 2. Everything must be English 3. There are no restrictions about the program you use. 4. Teams are allowed (1-3 Members per Team) 5. You don’t have to deliver something for each phase, you just don’t get the points for the round   [b]Jury and Awards[/b] I want to make this contest in all 2D Game forums. I want for each forum one or two jury members. As for the prices, I do not like to send money around the world. Of course a Emblem and everyone can spend songs, graphics or similar donations. But the focus is to have fun.   Time frame:   1. Phase will be starting and published at 27.02     Jury: -CircleDrain -Elekami  - - - -   Participant: -cecco4 -Old Pat -servus -Team LPDM : TTT, TheCloud & Choco-sama -"TeraZaky" : Teraglehn, Hicozaky, Velrogh     If you want to join the Jury or the Contest write in this topic or send me a Pn   Prices: Emblem     Rgds CircleDrain