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  1. Nice introduction to the topic.  One thing I would stress is that it is possible for naive devs to create some real headaches if they are not careful about merging changes, especially when adding files to a project.  We had a couple of people at my day job who were unable to wrap their heads around this concept and were let go for this, among other reasons, after costing some time (i.e. money) to fix their mistakes.
  2. HilljackCoder

    The Infinite Game

    I quit reading when the author advised the use of the waterfall method and warned against iterative or agile development.  Assuming perfect requirements is a mistake I have seen repeated too many times in the dev world and games especially suffer from this problem as emergent gameplay (both negative and positive) can frequently emerge.  You can plan and design all you want, but you eventually need to start writing code.
  3. HilljackCoder

    Poking around Unity

    I've been playing with Unity for a little while now, mostly because I decided to take the jump into developing an indie game and realized that I can either spend time putting an engine together or spend time actually working on the design.  Also, I managed to browbeat a couple of coworkers into helping me with it in return for vague promises of undefined wealth, so the fact that it is easy to learn and work with means more can be done at the end of the day.  I'm curious to see where the limitations exist and exactly how it'll be to deal with once we get into the more unorthodox parts of the design, though. 
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