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  1. I know that quality is much more important than quantity, therefore I didn't want to include them (I was afraid by number of projects which I saw in other portfolios + many of them has 2D games similar to mines, therefore I choose to include them). I want to have my portfolio perfect. Therefore I'm asking questions, which might be stupid (and that one was :) ). I've read on many websites, that using that kind of tool is the way to go. Therefore I choose this system over writing the whole site.
  2.   Yes I'm using tool(just drag and drop) to quickly build website.        Yes, projects below KULA WORLD are quite old(around 3 years +) and not so good, but are 4 game projects + 1 engine enough?     I would like to work on that part. At university, there will be some game classes, therefore I would like to create(join) some team and work on interesting projects.       I've read, that resume should be on one page, therefore I didn't want to write too match, but good tips, thank you :) .
  3. Thank you for your feedback.   I've made some changes based on your suggestions, but what's wrong with 3D effect? About embedded YT player, I've send mail to support, so right now I don't know, whether I can change it.    Can I get summer internship in bigger company(with my portfolio and my skills)? What about resume?
  4. Thank you for warning, one time it is working, the other it's not, therefore I would like to freeze this topic, until I buy domain. Thank you.   EDIT: I bought new domain and updated my previous post.
  5. Hi guys,    I'm starting my first year at university next month. I would like to get a part time job in some small indie team or any kind of job through internet(royalty work etc.). Therefore I'm building up my portfolio website: http://www.patrickjurasek.com   I would love some feedback and advice. Thank you.
  6. I don't want to go to expensive school. I've allready read FAQ, but I would like to hear how to find good school(what should I: expect, search...) .   I know that it will be taught, but I like challenges. Everything what I know about programming I learned becasue of self-education and my personal projects. I want to create my own webpage where I would like to show my work.   I'm not sure, but I think I am. I chose Digipen only as an example of expensive school. I've allready looked on some universities in US/EU, but I don't know how to choose good one. I don't want to spend 5 years because of paper. I'm not telling you that people from Slovakia are fool. I'm telling you only what I heard from students who attend this schools. ?
  7. Hello, it's been a while since I've started with programming and I really enjoy it. I like to program games, especially their AI. It is something which I want to do, but I don't want to close door for jobs which aren't part of the game industry and maybe once work on real AI(like robots, you know like in the movies)   It's my last year on high school(Electrotechnical school) and I need to choose college to the Christmas. I'm from Slovakia and we don't have good universities. I would like to go somewhere abroad. I know that my english isn't very good(I actually don't have a problem with understanding, I can watch movies easily, but rather with speaking) but I'm trying pretty hard and my primary goal for this school year is to improve my english level.   I have allready watched some universities, but they are pretty expensive(like Digipen) and I don't have 100k$. I would like to hear your opinions about which college should I choose. Thank you