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  1. (WIP) A revamp of classic Snake for Mobile/Web

    Been working slowly on this project but I've updated the site with a new build. Please let me know what you think!    http://www.anexgames.com/snake/   Thanks
  2. Hey everyone! For the past 5 months I've been teaching myself game development.  Recently, with a friend, I have started my first project that will be on mobile and web platforms: --------This game is a fresh take on the classic game snake ---------   We are going for a space theme (hence the cheesy skybox). As you can probably tell, the game is very bare bones as of now (this is our first build after all).  I have not started the art side of things (So be prepared to see a lot of cubes!) I'm mainly posting this to get as much feedback as possible. How does it feel to you? (Movement Wise), Camera, mechanics, etc. Any problems? What would you want to see added? (I'm aware of some bugs with scoring and such). Also, part of the scoring system is based on the number of moves the player takes to get to the "food" object (Less moves = more points)   Any suggestions/feedback are welcome! Here is the current web player link: http://www.anexgames.com/snake/   Like/Follow: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnexGames Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnexGames Some Images: 
  3. Starting on first game (mobile)

    What would be the best game engine for creating a 3d turn based RPG for ios, android? Trying to be along the lines of infinity blade. Would Unity engine be good for this? Any tips for a first timer? btw I'm still new to programming and I only know python(not fully). I just picked up a book on C++ tho
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