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  1. Hi, i'm having trouble using an integrated version of ODE, basically i'm modelling a golfball. If I use the correct dimensions, mass, friction, etc the collision detection fails unless I raise the iteration step very high, however this is intended for the Android market so that's a no no.   I'm attempting to scale everything manually.   If I remember correctly if scaling by 2 the volume is multiplied by 8, but in this case should I multiply the mass by 8 or by 2?   That beside, in tests the angular velocity seems totally off. I initially (before scaling) apply an angluar impulse of 500 radians per second, after scaling this looks very slow, so I doubled it, and then multiplied it by 8, but still it appears wrong. Should I be ammending the friction, dampening, bounce, etc?     Thanks for any help...       (I've not prefixed this with ODE since I believe it applicable to all really?)