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  1. Game like Wurmonline and Xsyon

    Hello guys.. I'm looking for 3d developers AND c# (or c++#) scripters for my game project.. I can't pay anything. So, the game will be something between Xsyon and Wurmonline - survival-crafting-sandbox-like game. I need peoples who take it for a hobby, because it takes a long time to make it even to the beta. Contact me via PM here or email, if interested.
  2. Music to your project?

    I offer you high quality music to your gameproject. It may be between classical and metal. So, I can do all you need.   Some of my songs is here (Scroll down):   And here (5 links below, different styles):   All of the songs are made by me by myself OR with some friend. But the composition of all is my own (except covers). Those songs are bit old, cause I won't publish anything new and better with no reason (someone may stole it).     If you're interested, contact me via email: (edited)   Thanks!