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  1.   A full editor would be cool but isn't essential. I already have my favorite ide which should do it. I mean good tutorials and example code. It's very hard to learn something with seeing how it's made the right way in a bigger context.     I personally don't like Java that much but I will try it.     That sounds great. We will have a look at this too.
  2. Hi,   me and a friend wanted to build a small racing game to learn how to make complex games and physics. We know Python, C/C++ but are wiling to learn a new language too.   We are looking for an engine that we can use to build the game. We want to have cars with tires that have real friction on the road and therefore go forward. So a racing game that has reality like physics. The problem is that we can't find a beginner friendly game engine that runs on linux (debian wheezy) and windows. So you are the guys that should know. What engine should we choose?
  3. Cat content. @ XenGis summer residence http://t.co/JYfqnEA9