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    Examples of FPArchery ala Skyrim?

      A bit of both.  The crosshair begins to drunkenly waver a bit more; and of course with Mount and Blade your arrow doesn't always go right through the middle of your crosshair.  There are random factors involved in the actual arrow flight including the aforementioned movement penalties and your skill level.
  2. Skeletor Jones

    Examples of FPArchery ala Skyrim?

    I misspoke earlier, I installed it, patched it up, and it looks like Thief doesn't do breath control after all; perhaps Thief 3 (which had a different engine) did this.   I'm having trouble recalling the FPS I played way back when that had the archery breathing control (not counting Mount and Blade).  An old man's memory...
  3. Skeletor Jones

    Examples of FPArchery ala Skyrim?

      Thief had flaming arrows, rope & vine arrows (you could create your own thief highway with them), poison gas arrows, moss arrows (to muffle footsteps), water arrows (to douse torches and light sources), and noisemaker arrows (remote distraction).   If you're into FPS archery and haven't played Thief or Thief 2, you should!  The series is a great part of gaming history.  You can get them from GOG.com or Steam, and to patch them up:   Thief Gold: http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=134733 Thief 2: http://kotaku.com/5946462/whoah-system-shock-2-and-thief-2-just-got-surprise-patches
  4. Skeletor Jones

    Examples of FPArchery ala Skyrim?

    Maybe it's just cause I haven't played the games and I'm only basing this on watching those videos - but that doesn't appear significantly different from how, say Skyrim did archery. Could you explain what is the principal differences between the games you posted and say something like Skyrim? I'm honestly interested in other approaches to archery. Best idea would be to try those games I suppose, when I get a chance.    I know of some semi-realistic aiming games, like America's Army that put a lot of emphasis on things like controlling your breathing when shooting. I don't know how well that goes over with the general gaming crowd, but I wonder if it can be applied to an archery game too.   When you're playing Skyrim, pull out your bow.  Or any weapon for that matter.  Now look down.  You're a disembodied set of hands.  Most of the archery FPS games I prefer have total body awareness; your arms, legs, and body are rendered fully in first person, giving you a much more immediate sense of awareness.  Dark Messiah and Mount and Blade both do this (Thief was the innovator here).   Secondly.  In Skyrim, arrow/body physics are awful.  If a mage is running full-bore at you, you can put an arrow in his eye and he'll just keep coming.  He'll just wail on you at full strength until his health drops to zero, when he drops dead as an arrow porcupine.  I'm sorry; I don't care if you're a demigod, but if you get an arrow in the eye, or face, or neck, you are going down, dead or not.  Dark Messiah and Mount and Blade both do damage in relation to body zones, and headshots actually mean something.   Thirdly.  the physics of the flight and the landing of the arrow is more effective in Dark Messiah and Mount and Blade; the actual impact is rendered with a (admittedly sickening) *thunk* as the body recoils from the wound.  If you shoot someone in the arm, that will affect the sword swing they were winding back.   Fourthly.  Mount and Blade does breathing control when loosing arrows, and the longer you hold it nocked, the less accurate you are due to the strain.  Additionally, you take a visible penalty for movement or on horseback, as your aim becomes much harder to control.  I don't recall breathing control in Dark Messiah; it doesn't look like it.  Thief had terrific breathing control, when you would time your shot to just after your initial intake of breath, or your aim began to swim.     TL;DR: body awareness, body zone physics, real damage modeling, more tangible impacts, and breathing control make for a better archery game.  As it has NONE of these things, Skyrim is actually not very good at all as an archery FPS.   Now, that's not to say Skyrim ain't fun.  It is, and I'm immersed in it as well.  But if what you're looking for is combat physics, Bethesda has never been on the leading edge.
  5. Skeletor Jones

    Examples of FPArchery ala Skyrim?

    Then I guess it's my job to mention Dark Messiah Might and Magic, which pretty much trumps every other archery FPS with the exception of Mount and Blade: Warband.     Deathmatch was a blast:   As much as I loved Thief, Dark Messiah did a better job than most in getting across just what it was like to be pierced by a high-speed shaft of wood.  THUNK...
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