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  1. Are you still getting the same error in VS while trying to compile SFML ? Have you looked at the link that I gave you?
  2. taten3n

    2D scrolling game

    Servant of the Lord it's not a bad way to explain it, but it's not that clear either. I'm not saying this because I could explain it better, but because i was trying to learn from your example but..I feel that I got a little closer to understanding it , but ... About the screen/ camera space it says infinite in every direction, is this mistake or am I not undestanting something here. As screen space is definetly finite?
  3. http://www.sfml-dev.org/tutorials/2.0/start-vc.php ,this is official SFML tutorial on their homepage how to setup SFML on VS 2010.
  4. Could I ask for a code snippet, to see how you use SFML 2.0 to display text like a chat log?
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