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  1. Thanks!   I will get started on that then, Java it is :)
  2. Hi everyone!   I'm new here, but in general new to the game industry.   So I guess I have some questions, as I don't want to start in the wrong direction.    I am interested in design, animation, coding, basically all of it. Don't think many could handle this all on their own (At least not within a set time) however I want to learn it all at least to some degree.   Why?   Well not just to understand everything, but also to be able to decide on what to focus on in University.    That being said, I'm not in university yet and have about 6 months of free time on my hands to learn.    Games have always been something I'm very interested in.   So for my question: I want to make games for phones, tablets, and more specifically, the OUYA. I understand these are mostly Android based, which is why I want to ask. Where do I start learning programming/code, animation, so on for android based games? What code languages? programs? Books or tutorials? That's basically what I want to know right now, done some research however its not easy to find definite answers.    Just want to be pointed in the right direction, so I can spend the next 6 months efficiently, maybe even get something done.    Thanks all.   ~Sanshuro