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  1. Some more that will be going into the pack.     I'm endeavouring to get it online in the next day or two.  
  2. Hey guys, I decided to start making generic prototyping assets for game designers and programmers. Not too sure how many people would be interested in purchasing such a pack. but i think i can fulfill some niches that haven't been filled.   I'm aiming for at least 20 effects to be in the v 1 of this pack. (hopefully ending up at over 100 when I'm finished if there is the support for it). They would be released as transparent pngs at 512x512 resolution.   They will be sold for $5 with free access to all the updates to the pack, with the price raising every time there is an update. One of the differences is the sheer number of effects, as the biggest problem with purchasing pre-made assets is that there usually isn't enough quality or enough of the same thing in the same style. This is just working in the first style of the pack, I'm planning on a few different styles. What sort of effects would you guys like to see included, and would you be interested in it?   Thanks guys!
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