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  1. Thank you everyone. I will go with Direct3d. 
  2. I am doing a 3d rendering application. It has minimum requirements such as running on Windows XP and the PCs do not have dedicated Graphics cards. I need to learn a graphics API to develop the app. I have seen in many forums and blogs where people suggest to learn modern Opengl which uses programmable pipeline instead of legacy Opengl which uses fixed function pipeline or Direct3d. I have played games such as Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, San Andreas and Need for Speed Most Wanted in a PC which runs Pentium 4 processor and 256 mb ram without a dedicated video card. I have seen directx 9.0c run time getting installed along with the games which I mentioned. Please suggest the best Graphics API(Opengl or Direct3d) and the version to learn and code in order to target such machines. Thank you
  3. I am new to game development. I read that opengl is used in games to directly communicate with GPU and thereby accelerating game performance. I had played games like The Mummy, Desperados 2 in a PC in the past without a dedicated graphics card. Both the games needed directx to be installed in the PC. Mummy game was smooth but i had to lower all the graphics settings for Desperados 2 to run the game. I haven't played any opengl based 3d game yet. My doubt is "Will opengl games run in PCs without dedicated video cards?" If they can run, what all features i won't be able to use in my game?