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  1. I'm looking over the links now. Thank you.   L. Spiro, that's a great article. The Game/Engine structure is the next one I'll look at.
  2. I forgot to mention as a side note. I am looking into doing the 2D rendering with opengl. The lazyfoo.net opengl tutorials are excellent help, but limited to just explaining the graphics, obviously. Either way, I'm interested in both regular SDL and opengl 2D rendering techniques and how other components of the game would fit together.
  3. I have been practicing with C/C++ as well as SDL 1.2. I can follow most tutorials, without too much problem. I'm ready to move onto a small 2D game project, but I am not sure how to organize the structure of the source code. The 2D game project would be a top down game like the original Zelda or Gauntlet. Does anyone here have experience with this? Any suggestions or example code could be helpful to me.   I'm working with Windows 7 64bit, mingw (32bit) with SDL. I am using Grafx2 and Gimp for simple test graphics. I'm not focusing on asset development whatsoever at this time, just code.   So to recap, I don't have an outline or structure for my source code because I just got to where I am and I have never done this before.   Any help would be great and small easy to read examples would be even better.