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  1. How to make a shiny effect

    Mario Galaxy was the first game to have rim lighting. But look at games like Super Mario 3d Land it doesn't seem to have any rim lighting.
  2. How to make a shiny effect

    Hey CryZe what resent mario games make use of heavy rim lighting?
  3. How to make a shiny effect

    I know that the shinny effect is specular lighting. I just couldn't remember the word "specular lighting". Anyways Im now wondering if mario kart 7 and super mario 3d land uses the specular lighting effect. Tge images of the games are posted to help anyone with the theory that I'm trying to solve.
  4. How to make a shiny effect

    Specular lighting+ambient lighting+diffuse lighting= shiny/glossy effect. Or is specular lighting what you get when you add both ambient and diffuse lighting togethor? oh yeah what level of specular lighting, ambient lighting, and diffue lighting is in the mario kart 7 pictures that I posted?
  5. How to make a shiny effect

    ok then so its specular lighting, ambient and diffuse lighting combined then?
  6. How to make a shiny effect

    There we go specular lighting! I couldn't remember the word so I called it a shiny glossy effect. So know all I need to do is figure out how to achive this effect. So those this mean games like super mario 3d land, mario kart 7, and other 3d mario games use specular lighting?
  7. How to make a shiny effect

    Super Mario 3D Land also seems to have this effect.
  8. How do I make the shiny/glossy effect that you see in the game mario kart 7? Im trying to make a racing game that has the same graphic style as this game. So for when I put in a models they come in as a normal model so can anyone help me?
  9. Planning on having a game night on n64 games. This will be awesome!
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