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  1. So, it's been a lifelong dream of mine to create a game studio.  While I've never had a shortage of ideas for new games to create. I  have always felt that I lack the correct skill set to develop a game from start to finish on my own. Instead of immediately breaking out on my own as a game developer, I took the safe path of a corporate 8 to 5 job.  While the money has been good, I've never really been satisfied with what I do.  However I think the time is quickly coming that I wish to change my life and begin pursuing my dreams.   The things I'm looking for right now are ways to put together a team on a shoestring budget.  With my initial goal is to create a team to work with on an indie title which would be targeted for distribution on newgrounds, steam green-light, or xbox live.    I'm really sort of looking for individuals who are competent in multiple areas.  I'd like to work initially with hobbyists who are willing to work in their spare time and on a project of love rather than someone who is only monetarily driven and creatively dead inside.  People I could bat ideas back and forth with and develop a game plan to begin the creation process.    Any suggestions on how to go about finding these sorts of team members?  As well as any skill sets I should really focus on for running a team of developers?
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