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  1. Li Xiao'an - Online Portfolio

    These sound great! You must never stop doing what you do!   Balt
  2. Project Obscura

    Hi there,   This is only my second post on this site, but I think your music sounds really good. I do agree with you, that too many things might be happening at once in terms of the tracks, but that all depends on what kind of game we're talking about. I am no music expert, but I really like your work.   May I ask what Project Obscura is? Is it a game your making music for? Or is it just the name of the collection of game music you are creating? Keep it up =D   Balt
  3. RPG Music Project

    Hey,   I registered to this site just to reply to your post. I've been looking around for game music, particularly RPG music (if that even makes sense). I am not a super pro at composing music, or at anything for that matter, but I do want to tell you that your music is great, and is very high quality. Keep doing what you do.  Are you developing a game, or just composing music? Balt