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  1. RT @chronum: Multithreaded programming - theory and practice.
  2. Super meat boy...
  3. It seem's that Windows 10 will be first normal release of Windows after Windows 7.
  4. I should be making a game, but I'm so lazy...
  5. Started working on Sleep Well prototype, hope to finish during three weeks
  6. Learning Objective C.
  7. RT @webdunulis: Broliai lietuviai, nerašykit programinio kodo lietuviškai. ?ia ne vieta nacionalizmui.
  8. "Design Makes Everything Possible." - @invisionapp Win this cool t-shirt designed by @kylesteed #invisiontee
  9. Preparing for OCJPA 7... Tough work...
  10. Time to go to work on my Killer Pong.
  11. Power Up Table Tennis Contest

    I'm in! I love computer table tennis games. So it would be nice opportunity to create my own one.
  12. RT @lettersfromswe: Just when you thought you knew all about Hipsters.