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    New to Game Development but not Programming

    Thanks for all of the replies, guys. I plan on primarily developing for the PC for now, so I think I am going to stick with C# and go that way (I've enjoyed working with C# a lot more than Java, honestly... so that plays into it also). I'm looking into the Unity3D engine and hopefully can pick up on how to use that.   Does anybody have some good tutorials to point me to for this specific route?   Thanks again for all of the advice. Helped a lot and I'm really looking forward to getting started.
  2. Hello,   Before I get started let me tell you a little bit about myself. I've been programming for years now and have a degree in Computer Science where I studied mostly Java. I currently hold a web development position where I work with .NET and C#. I am now proficient in Java, C# and many web languages.   However, I have never done any type of game programming and really want to see what I can do. I should definitely have the programming knowledge to put something together now, but I am just not really sure where to start. I have a few questions and maybe you guys can help.   My biggest concern is graphics. I have absolutely no concept of graphics and am not exactly an artistic guy. What do you do for graphics?   Of C# and Java, which would be best? (I know, I know.. the generic no language is best answer). What's positive/not-so positive about each of these languages in game development terms?   I really am a complete beginner in terms of game development, but I am looking for a response that isn't geared to the programming new guy. I don't need to know how to learn Hello, World. I just need to put it all together!   Thanks!
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