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  1. C# Custom Property Editor

    use Reflection. I've implemented some static class variables trying to do this kind of thing before. But I wanted something cleaner. AngelXNA has its own way of modifying instance variables at runtime (using Forms), incorporating it into serialization too I think. But it's too complex for my liking. I've got a simple system (looks messy) for generic properties at static time and runtime, I don't know if it's complete enough yet and there are small issues with using templated types as properties. And I can't use int because I get exceptions when the compiler assumes it can convert to/from float but actually can't. Well basically what you want to do is enumerate Type. "public MemberInfo[] GetMembers();" and then specify a set of explicit get/set methods in your own code dealing with the Form once you have the class's editable members. One concern though is manually putting in the values. There are other ways of input- you might consider sliders or, in Skyrim there's this pie/circle thing that you drag in a circle to change the values with more granular control over it.